Hunan forced prostitution case involving officials have been sentenced to advanced ravbin

Hunan forcing young girls into prostitution sentencing officials involved have been awarded the advanced original title: 5 minors forced prostitution of junior high school students in Hunan Cili County People’s court recently together seduce, forced prostitution of minors for sentencing case, more than ten people were in accordance with the law, most of them minors. In the criminal punishment of 7 people, there are less than the age of 5 people under the age of the incident, while in the three victims of the age of less than 14 years old, a man just turned over the age of 14 years old in the. The survey found that the former members of the Cili provincial tax bureau, discipline inspection team leader Liu, Cili County Fire Brigade, the original instructor Lee two public officials involved. Currently, Liu has been removed from office and expelled from the party and the public, Lee has been dismissed. Minors forced prostitution in junior high school in May of this year, Cili residents Li Mou alarm, said her daughter (the following minors are a pseudonym) was beaten by a group of young people. Cili County Public Security Bureau police after investigation confirmed: since March 2016, the 38 year old Cili County Lin with money as bait, to Cili four high school students (minors) to find a relationship with their students, the students asked the same school another high school student (minors) to participate, by luring, threatening way junior high school students, forcing Yuan Yuan, Lynn, Jiajia 3 people such as prostitution, was beaten because of her refusal. Reporters in Cili survey found that in this case, more than high school students and school dropouts, youth play a "pimp" role, while the "trick prostitute", while junior high school students prostitution lure coercion. In 17 suspected criminals, 11 minors, including 5 students, and 6 people dropped out of school. Play a key role in the "pull" wavelet, is a dropout of minors, perennial in the local bar and other places, and the Cili County high school, some students also met. Therefore, in the case of prostitution, wavelet has become a bridge and referrer trick prostitute girl "". Two public officers involved in the investigation cited concern about the police found, the State Tax Bureau of Cili County, the original members of the party discipline inspection team leader Liu, and Yuan Yuan just over 14 years old of junior middle school students had sex to trick prostitute "middleman" wavelet paid 800 yuan, Yuan Yuan to pay 300 yuan. In addition, the original Cili County Fire Brigade instructor Lee to trick prostitute "middle man" were paid 500 yuan, and paid under the age of 14 to 500 yuan. Subsequently, Linda excuse to leave, the two did not actually occur. Reporters visited Cili found that this case has a great impact on the local cadres and the masses, many cadres and the masses expressed indignation. Ironically, Liu in the work evaluation system, was actually an advanced cadres. While the tax system of Zhangjiajie city staff told reporters that Liu is usually a "chinakayao" officials, their poor binding, "has always been the wind assessment is not good, also has been reported". – news alerts left-behind children who care? Hunan County, Cili Province, 16 years of age left behind children in rural areas, 16977 people, the case, involving a number of teenagers, both sides of the parents at least one party out of work. Police handling the case, after the incident, the public security organs to contact some of the child’s guardian, most of them are not parents. And another 7相关的主题文章: