Ibrahimovic a provocative Manchester City goalkeeper signature training wear Derby on Saturday. – Sp-kaya scodelario

Ibrahimovic: a provocative Manchester City goalkeeper signature training wear Derby on Saturday. – Ibrahimovic: Manchester City goalkeeper sports Sohu provocation gift signature training clothes this weekend, the Premier League ushered in the fourth round of the competition, the focus of World War II was staged at Old Trafford Manchester derby. Manchester City this summer because planes are to sign a lot of players, so many players will complete the Manchester derby at the beginning of experience, for example, Ibrahimovic, mkhitaryan Berri, Bravo, and Stones, and down gundogan Nuo Lituo star. The current war, Ibrahimovic took the lead in the wild and intractable provocation, "tease" new signing Manchester City goalkeeper Bravo; therefore, Ibrahimovic recorded a video, giving his signature training service to Bravo, and said to his Manchester City goalkeeper. "Welcome to Manchester! Here are some trainers, you’ll need him. See you on Saturday # Manchester # Manchester derby." After recording the video, Ibrahimovic attached a word to Bravo. The video shows Ibrahimovic wanted to give Bravo the training services Sweden tower of God’s signature, but also wrote Bravo’s address, as is mailed to him, "Bravo, Manchester City, Edie Harder, Manchester, M11". There is no doubt that Ibrahimovic so provocative, somewhat similar to the meaning of psychological warfare before the game, after the news that Bravo will start in this game. The British media "mirror" reported that Ibrahimovic Bravo provocation, may be related to promote their brand. This summer, Ibrahimovic for the first time on the social network released a suspected transfer of heavy news, but in the end are related to his A-Z brand clothing, was unanimously Tucao outside. Today, Ibrahimovic provocative video of Bravo, the words of the A-Z brand again, so the outside world is not unreasonable. (little care)相关的主题文章: