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ICBC credit card flash pay at McDonald’s consumption minus concessions sina finance > credit card; > > promotions; the ICBC credit card flash pay at McDonald’s consumption minus concessions     on 08 October 2016   14:50    banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China time: November 3, 2016 Venue: Tianjin, activity time from September 7, 2016 to November 3, 2016, every Wednesday.   two, the activities of the card species at the beginning of the peony credit card, mobile phone credit card 62.   three, McDonald’s Tianjin 103 place activity stores stores telephone address number tsuto restaurant 022-24011356 in Hedong District of Tianjin city six weft Road No. 99 southwest corner restaurant 022-27278432 Tianjin city Nankai District Road No. 125 Wei Yongan restaurant 022-24218600 Tianjin city Dragon Mansion in Hebei District Yongan department store a B area restaurant in Xin’an 022-27352037 Tianjin city Nankai District East Road No. 138 Xin’an a layer of 1 022-27128473 square Binjiang restaurant Tianjin Heping District Binjiang Road No. 167 peace 1 Restaurant 022-27310573 Tianjin Heping District No. 180 Heping Road Tianjin city Hexi District Tianhai restaurant 022-23522183 Weidi No. 212 Binjiang 2 Tianjin restaurant 022-27128763 Heping District, Binjiang Road No. 270 North Tianjin restaurant 022-23949381 Hexi District city Binshui No. 13 Anda apartment block A Zhongshan restaurant Tianjin City, Hebei District Zhongshan Road 164 022-26288386 Anshan West Road Tianjin city Nankai District restaurant 022-27494002 Baidi Road No. 191 000 022-24796178 restaurant in Hedong District of Tianjin city new village day road and Laoshan road junction million commercial first floor dingzigu restaurant 022-86510060 in Tianjin District of Hongqiao City Road No. 1 Kailai match a layer of commercial wangdingdi restaurant in Tianjin city 022-23692857 Nankai District Court Road No. 5 Beichen restaurant 022-26636667 in Tianjin city Beichen District of Beijing Tianjin Highway on the west side of Kellogg supermarket first floor restaurant 022-23023738 in Tianjin City, Hexi District people’s Park No. 107 Guangdong Road, Dagu Road, Tianjin City, Hexi District Dagu Road Restaurant 022-28020570 Macquarie garden Tanggu Deshang Jiefang Road restaurant 022-25303819 in Tianjin city Tanggu District Shanghai Road No. 94 Tanggu road Shanghai Tianjin city Tanggu District Shanghai restaurant 022-25876265 Road No. 888 Jinhui restaurant 022-23303265 in Tianjin City Heping District, Nanjing Road No. 189 Jin Zhonghe Restaurant 022-58990227 Tianjin city Hebei District Willow Village Street No. 56 street food restaurant 022-27:相关的主题文章: