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If you sell 10 million men and women friends you will choose to buy what car? The car – Sohu since small target rosy gangster Wang Jianlin one hundred million, online is set off a burst of heat flux of small target, take the car for example, you want to buy a car at the end of the year, you must first make a small target, such as a Ferrari to buy it……" Of course, the average person seems to be a little far away from the small target, but if the conditions allow you to get 10 million! In fact, this is a recent comparison of the fire of a video, the video host asked a different man and woman a problem, if you can sell 10 million men and women friends, you buy it?" The men and women were interviewed in the video is very wonderful, ladies are all inclined to sell ah, my boyfriend is not worth 10 million, and this is a good thing to sell! Do not sell, my boyfriend to sell 100 million……". And all the male compatriots all replied, do not sell, how to sell a daughter-in-law……" Of course, in order to win the video is also funny, everyone happy, but really can come true, you have the ten million what would you do! Ten million is not what big numbers in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen city such as just buy a suite, so if you really get ten million, you really can’t splurge, although smaller than one hundred million of the ten million to 10 times, but still want to have a plan, you sell the male and female friends got 10 million what do you want to buy the car! Now is the Chengdu auto show, then you will consider these cars? 1 BMW I8 (I8 Protonic limited edition red proton proton Red Edition) BMW I8 limited edition red in September 1st officially listed, the car is priced at 2 million 98 thousand yuan, the car uses a proton red main color, with black and grey metal bumper trim, so the new car looks more stylish. The interior design also has made some adjustments, the dark interior collocation red line style, seat of the red leather and fabric material collocation, the shift lever is also integrated into the black ceramic material is very dynamic. Power has not improved, but is equipped with the plug-in hybrid system, 1.5T three cylinder turbocharged engine and a motor composition. 2 Martha Lahti, President of the new president of the new model was officially listed in, the domestic price of about 1 million 460 thousand from the beginning of the year, the new president of the new president of the company in September 2nd. Martha Lahti made some upgrades in appearance, the new style front bumper styling more more fierce, full of spirit but not lack of fashion style and decorative chrome trim grille with bright materials, enhance the texture, and side skirts and the rearview mirror shell to upgrade. Interior part, the new president is equipped with a 8.4 inch LCD screen control, and is equipped with compatible apple CarPlay and Android Auto car system. The new console has been redesigned, in addition equipped with new style instrument disc, is also equipped with a knob control button and air quality sensor. Power, the new car is still providing 3.0T diesel engine, two kinds of tune the 3.0T twin turbo system相关的主题文章: