In August, the eighteen Qian Tang River tide came on as soon as some people were cheered.-splitit

In August eighteen Qiantang River tide rujierzhi people cheering someone shot out (Photos) in August eighteen Qiantang River tide rujierzhi August tide eighteen Qiantang River rujierzhi "at old Yancang tide outraged, dash is taller than people, too spectacular." "The back tide of the beauty dam has washed away the bicycles on the shore." Yesterday was the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, traditional folk Qiantang River tide event, although this day is the first working day after the end of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but Haining and Hangzhou Qian Tang River tide, the masses are still packed with seawall. Yesterday afternoon, the money newspaper reporter Bingfenlianglu live tide Qiantang River, multiple reporters are rushed to Hangzhou City balcony, etc. and they watch the Jiuxi River tide, watching the crowds – tide line from the foot of rushes, tide air diving out of rare, in Jianshan, new and old warehouse, warehouse etc. the old salt tide the shot, on the dike. Reporters from Zhejiang province Qiantang River management office and Hangzhou city hydrological units learned yesterday (East River salt section eight) "line" the tide of the tidal bore height 2.18 meters. Haining hydrological station owners Wu Longhua said, the typhoon still have influence on qianjiangchao: first, the typhoon brought rain, Hangzhou bay water increased significantly; two, high flow rate, in previous years the tide from the salt to the old Yancang for half an hour, 27 minutes today. This day, the tide comes in a threatening manner, this day, like tide racket. Haining Yanguan: tent eating chicken came at 10 in the morning, Yanguan scenic scenic spot in the park, there are a lot of tourists to seize the coastal pond railing front row seats position – someone from the hawkers bought disposable cloths, laying a four sat on the floor, a group of playing poker. Some simply fill up. Have good support everywhere on the seawall tent, older visitors with folding stool. More than 11 noon, many tourists began eating the chicken, eat instant noodles, occasionally with a telescope to see the river. At 12:45, the tide no shadow, to smell the Chaosheng, ear heard rumbling noise, CCTV helicopter chase tide, tidal force to feel an irresistible force. Qian Bao reporter learned from the summit of the deputy director of the salt management resort of the salt official resort. Yesterday, the salt official scenic area received 120 thousand tourists, and more than 9600 vehicles. The peak also remind the visitors to Haining every day to see a month with the tide, the tide, the lunar month to the sixth day, fifteen to twenty can see tide, followed by the National Day can also come, the 3th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is a worth looking forward to the spring tide." The sea salt tide observation station: tide fish out of the water at 12 at noon yesterday, in the Zhanqiao Qiantang River sea salt water tidal bore observation station, full tide Qiantang River came to see the crowd, their colors, speaking different languages, are all experts and scholars of various countries to participate in the international seminar are tide surge. At 12:40, in the road, can see the distance has been partly hidden and partly visible when the tide comes, like a white line, Zhejiang Province Water Conservancy and Estuarine Research Institute chief engineer Pan Cunhong told reporters, where we can see the tide, is Qiantang River in "one line" tide "form, and the weather is good today plus, be neither hot nor cold, visibility is good, very suitable for the tide." At 12:47, the tide of Qiantang River across from the foot of the moment, we also saw a fish leaping high tide. Zhejiang provincial water conservancy research institute chief engineer Pan Cunhong estuary is the authoritative expert bore Qiantang River, he told the money newspaper reporter, "the tide flow rate this year is particularly fast, I travel for more than 20 years, the tide of fish breaching the scene, this is the second time, really very rare." The city Balcony: the one metre sprays can also arouse people’s cheers. Though the tide of Hangzhou’s balcony is expected to appear at 3 p.m., 01 minutes, many people begin to wait at 12 noon. Xiao Wang, a staff member of the nearby restaurant kitchen, came directly in his work clothes, asked the little partner to take pictures of him, and asked to take the waves. "In Hangzhou for 2 years, had never seen a tide, today a little empty point to come, watch the tide, but also to go back to work." The tide came earlier than expected. At 2:30 in the afternoon, with the rush of wind, the tide beat the shore, and the height was about 1 meters, but all of them were excited. The noise was far beyond the tide. 3 pm 01 points, Qian Tang river has been slightly calm, "here is not in the big tide of the year, I heard seven case, there is fierce tide Jiuxi le." For 3 years the couple said laoliang. – Xiasha: a tide over, took him fainted at the tide is dangerous, don’t cross the line. The money newspaper reporter learned from Xiasha public security, Xiasha riverside area tide is really great, "there is a tide in the dike beyond the tide warning yellow line at the tide, the tide is too big, rushed to the dam, tide people shot down on the ground, out of four or five meters away." Is the tide beat halo surnamed Ho, more than 20 years old, Guangxi people, working in xiasha. Yesterday, in Xiaosha Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Xiao He told the newspaper reporter that he had been wanting to see the Qian Tang River tide. He had been there five or six times, but the first few days were seen during the day. I heard that there was a great tide in the early morning of 18. "They called the tide, and the tide came. I was going to run, but the tide was too fast. I took it all at once and I fainted. Later, the police and other good hearted people sent me to the hospital. " What to say. He was shot in small halos, the money newspaper reporter saw off the railing, two or three meters away from the river, littered with boots, umbrellas, plastic bags and other items. Xing Li, a rescue patrol member of Xiasha, "when the tide comes, the players who shout the tide shout," you quickly withdraw and come back quickly. A few tide watching people just don’t listen. When the tide comes, there are a few times too late to run, and they are knocked down by the tide.

八月十八钱塘江大潮如期而至 有人欢呼有人被拍昏(组图) 八月十八钱塘江大潮如期而至 八月十八钱塘江大潮如期而至   “中午老盐仓的潮水拍案而起,冲得比人都高,太壮观啦。”   “美女坝的回头潮,把岸边人家停的自行车都冲跑了。”   昨天是农历八月十八,民间传统的钱塘江观潮盛会,虽然这一天是中秋小长假结束后的首个工作日,但海宁、杭州两地的钱塘江边,观潮的群众依然挤满了海塘。   昨日午后,钱报记者兵分两路直播钱塘江大潮,多路记者更是赶往杭州城市阳台、九溪等地和大家一起看江潮、看人潮——一线潮从脚下奔涌而过、潮头鱼跃出空中难得一见、在尖山、新仓、旧仓、老盐仓等观潮点,潮水都拍上了堤坝。   记者从浙江省钱塘江管理处和杭州市水文单位了解到,昨天盐官(大江东外八工段)“一线潮”的涌潮高度2.18米。海宁水文站站长吴龙华分析说,台风对钱江潮还是有影响的:一、台风带来的雨水多,杭州湾增水明显;二、流速快,往年潮水从盐官到老盐仓需半小时,今天27分钟。   这一天,潮来气势汹汹,这一天,人声鼎沸赛过潮涌。   ●海宁盐官:   支起帐篷啃起鸡爪等潮水   上午10点多,盐官景区的观潮胜地公园内,已有不少游客抢占了临海塘栏杆的前排观赏位置——   有人从小贩手里买来一次性桌布,铺下席地而坐,有的四人一组打起了扑克,有的索性补起了觉。   海塘上随处可见已支撑好的帐篷,年纪大的游客还带了折叠凳。中午11点多,不少游客开始啃鸡爪、吃泡面,时不时用望远镜看看江面。   中午12点45分,未见潮影,先闻潮声,耳边传来轰隆隆的巨响,央视的直升机也追潮而来,涌潮来时能感到雷霆万钧之力。   钱报记者从盐官旅游度假区管委会副主任高峰处了解到,昨日盐官景区接待游客12万人次,车辆9600余辆,都创了盐官景区接待的单日新高。   高峰也提醒广大游客,海宁天天有潮看,月月有大潮,每月农历初一到初六,十五到二十都可以来看潮,“紧接着的国庆节也可以过来,农历九月初三又是一个值得期待的大潮。”   ●海盐潮涌观测站:   看潮头鱼跃出水面   昨天中午12点,在钱塘江海盐涌潮观测站的水中栈桥上,挤满了前来目睹钱塘江大潮的人群,他们肤色各异,说着不同国家的语言,都是来参加国际涌潮研讨会的各国专家学者们。   中午12点40分,在栈道上,已经可以若隐若现地看到远方涌来的潮水,像一根白色的线,浙江省水利河口研究院总工程师潘存鸿告诉记者,我们所在的位置,能够看到的就是钱塘江大潮中的“一线潮”形态,“而且今天的天气不错,不冷不热,加上能见度也挺好,非常适宜观潮。”   12点47分,钱塘江大潮从脚下穿过的瞬间,大家还看到潮水中有一条鱼高高跃起。   浙江省水利河口研究院总工潘存鸿是钱塘江涌潮的权威专家,他告诉钱报记者,“今年的潮水水流速度特别快,我观潮二十多年,潮头鱼越出水面的场景,这次是第二次遇见,真的非常难得。”   ●城市阳台:   一米浪花也能激起众人欢呼   虽然预计杭州城市阳台的潮水将出现在下午3点01分,但是不少人从中午12点多就开始等着。   小王是附近餐馆厨房的员工,直接穿着工作服就来了,让小伙伴帮他拍照,还叮嘱一定要拍到浪花。“来杭州2年了,都没看过一次潮水,今天稍微空一点就来了,等着看潮头,还要赶回去干活。”   潮水来得比预期早,下午2点30分左右,随着一阵阵急促的风,潮水拍打着岸边,涌高也就1米左右,但众人还是兴奋起来,人声喧哗远远盖过了潮水。   下午3点01分,钱塘江面已经稍显平静,“今年这里的潮没有往年的大,听说七格、九溪那边潮水很猛的嘞。”连续看了3年潮水的老梁夫妇说。   ●下沙:   一个潮头过来,把他拍昏了过去   看潮有危险,千万别越线。   钱报记者从下沙公安了解到,下沙江滨地区的潮水确实很大,“有一个观潮人在江堤上超越观潮警戒黄线看潮,潮水太大,冲上堤坝,把这个观潮人拍倒在地,冲出了四五米远。”   被拍晕的观潮者姓何,20多岁,广西人,在下沙打工。昨天,在下沙邵逸夫医院,小何告诉钱报记者,他一直想看钱塘江大潮,已经来了五六次了,但是前几次都是白天来看的,没看到。听说18日凌晨有大潮经过,就又来了。   “他们喊潮水来了,潮水来了。本来我要跑的,但是潮水太快了。一下子就把我拍倒了嘛,我就昏过去了。后来是巡防民警跟其他好心人把我送到医院来的。”小何说。   在小何被拍晕的地方,钱报记者看到,离栏杆两三米远的江堤上,散落着雨靴、雨伞、塑料袋等物品。   救人的下沙巡防队员姓李,“潮来时,喊潮的队员喊,你们快撤回来快撤回来,几个看潮的人就是不听,等潮水来了,有几个来不及跑,就被潮水拍倒在地了。”相关的主题文章: