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In October 31st 8 sina sports news sports news review of the Premier League – Chelsea 2-0 to return to the top four Beijing time on October 31st, the 201617 season Premier League tenth round of a focus of the war start competing at St Mary’s Stadium, Chelsea’s 2 – 0 win over Southampton, Zal after scoring assists Costa broke. Chelsea won 4 straight and don’t concede and return to the top four. The Luneng will go to Hainan 10 days after the end of the super tour round, Luneng coach Felix Magath said the team will travel to Hainan for training, "next season I really began to build a team". It is reported that the team will go to Hainan for about 10 days of training, the main goal is to train the training of endurance and strength, and this time with a solid ball. The conservative treatment of ankle Yue Sun still has trouble 92-110 Beijing team away game against Xinjiang, Yue Sun’s injury has had a great impact to the Paibingbuzhen Min Lulei. And Yue Sun’s ankle injury conservative treatment options, there are still many hidden dangers of shougang. Although surgical treatment is likely to lead to the reimbursement of the season, but the effect of conservative treatment can not be guaranteed, and Yue Sun ankle injury at any time during the season will relapse again. The Li Zhangzhu next season to coach this season after coaching Yatai Yatai toss, Li Zhangzhu next season will remain. Norwich Yatai rushed stoia after class, invited Li Zhangzhu, the two sides signed a contract for 3+2, the club is going to keep Li Zhangzhu. Now as Li Zhangzhu Yatai relegation, certainly not to leave, the club also urgently hope the team can maintain stability. Farewell! Zhao Junzhe 19 years of occupation career ended the thirtieth round of Super League, Liaoning Hongyun ushered in the key to avoid relegation battle with Jiangsu Suning, the game is also Liaozu captain Zhao Junzhe career in the last battle, Zhao Junzhe in the second half of teammate replaced the legendary 19 year occupation career has ended.相关的主题文章: