In order to prove innocence, his son everywhere-cashmere mafia

In order to prove innocence, his son everywhere as evidence of innocence, the peripatetic Zhong Quanyou said he was in Jianyang, but in 90s went to Shenzhen to work. In September 9th, he and his wife with 5 year old granddaughter, from Shenzhen to Jianyang, ready to live for some time. Own two sons, stay in Shenzhen to do business. Second days after the incident, they all came back from Shenzhen. His father’s face, his head has a suture wound, so that the brothers are very uncomfortable. But let them uncomfortable, is the villagers look strange. "It is as if it is regarded as a family member of the human traffickers, and is looked down upon." They would also like to go to the incident to say a word, or look for clues, and later in the persuasion of others, after all, did not go. "They told me not to worry, beaten again." In order to help his father get justice, Zhong Zhiqiang began to run around. Police: the evidence does not support, temporarily not filed in November 17th, Zhong Zhiqiang finally came to investigate the matter of Jianyang stone town police station news: the current evidence does not support the villagers alarm reflects Zhong Quanyou "grab the doll" behavior, so temporarily not to file. Police also pointed out: if there are new clues, we will continue to investigate the incident." On the other hand, the next step will be to the police Quanyou beaten bell for further investigation. This is not filing notice, for Zhong Zhiqiang, is a comfort. "For such a long time, others see us as human traffickers, see our eyes are wrong. Now the police station also proved that we are not human traffickers, as if in the heart of a stone finally fell to the ground."相关的主题文章: