In September the baby trachea choke into the doctor on Pearl surgery to remove (Figure)

In September the baby trachea choke into the doctor on Pearl surgery to remove (Figure) horse doctor kneeling operation. Hospital for map Changzhou a 9 month old baby will be a pearl inhalation of the trachea, the Department of ENT of Changzhou Third People’s Hospital director Ma Jing tracheoscope he attempts to extract, with superb technology, kneeling on the ground once pearl out, children also gained a new life. In November 4th 1 pm, 9 month old Changzhou girl penny in his mother’s arms suddenly crying, still coughing, mother found her clothes decorated with a little pearl, she immediately had a premonition. The mother immediately brought to the Changzhou Children’s Hospital check Ping Ping, Ping Ping CT showed the right bronchial foreign body, suggested to Changzhou Third People’s Hospital for further treatment. Mother with Ping Ping came to Changzhou hospital, the doctor said after bronchoscopic removal judgment is difficult, if not taken children need to face thoracic surgery, and the best hospital department of ENT director Ma technology respect is meeting in Nanjing. The 4 day at 7:20 in the evening, from Nanjing to Changzhou to train a horse quickly rush to the hospital, after an hour he from the hospital Easy Access directly into the operation room, began to take the Ping Ping pearl in the trachea. Ma Jing director told reporters that the surgery requires anesthesia, but because the child is too small, plus a long time without food, blood vessels become very small, very hard to find, three nurses took turns spent half an hour to success. Bronchoscopy is the most difficult part of the Pearl, Ma Jingxian put a pipe diameter of only 3.5 mm from the child’s mouth extending through the esophagus, trachea, bronchus reach where the Pearl, then he used the tools to extend of foreign body from the pipe. The last part of the foreign body is a foreign body can not see the situation, all by hand, the pearl is very slippery, I tried a few times, and finally caught a one-time out." Ma Jing said. In order to facilitate the operation, Ma Jing, director of a single kneeling on the ground operation. It is reported that Ma Jing hospitals in Changzhou since three years, has been implemented in more than and 100 cases of bronchoscope to remove the foreign body surgery, successfully saved more than 100 children’s life. Correspondent Ruan Lihua ZAKER of Nanjing Modern Express reporter Lu Wenjie editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: