In the face of WeChat small program which direction should we run



small procedures, the party, the party and the developers and reviewers carnival. The excitement of the entire science and technology circles no less than in the vast sea to see a lighthouse. Circle of friends to see a joke:

what’s wrong with us? WeChat adds a touch to the science circle entrance and even the entire social network of nerve. Maybe the answer is just a word, anxiety. The Internet hardware, O2O, broadcast, sharing economy, public knowledge and WeChat, electricity providers and so on one of the air created a unicorn, and this process is so fast, yesterday they are unknown to the public of the ugly duckling, today they are our head of the white swan. Our hearts are unwilling, but powerless, can only silently waiting for the next tuyere, and at this point, the release of a small program to allow a seemingly WeChat cave appeared. Although we do not know whether the cave is a real tuyere, but the first station in the past to say, more people believe that the cave is not necessarily true is an air outlet. But when we approached WeChat small program, only to find that he was so restrained and everyone desperately to be beneath the human character, to keep the user’s time, while WeChat small program insist and go out.

WeChat small program can have much restraint?

no small app store

WeChat insisted not to do their own small app store, in my opinion, in addition to its own restraint and give Apple pressure, if WeChat makes an application store, form their own applied ecology, that the App and Store where? Two although there is an injury, and the injury is very likely to be WeChat, so as to give up the (explosives), also left a respect for the good reputation of the user experience.

can not enter the

through the identification of two-dimensional code

WeChat small program can not be recognized by the two-dimensional code to enter a small program, only through the two-dimensional code scanning. This is blocked by the public number of articles to promote the small program of the road, at the top of many public number articles still stubborn articles written on, (in computer users please scan the QR code or in a small application search complete application gets the name), I do not know how many users will take the trouble to try a little strange program.

does not use the entrance

small program just released, friends are asking each other, where is the entrance of small procedures, update to the latest version of WeChat can not find the entrance, a lot of experience to know, the original must use a small program, WeChat will display a small program entrance, if you never use this function, small the program is not for you.

needs accurate search to find

if you want to get a small program, you must search box enter the full name of this small program in a small program, there is no small gain through fuzzy search program, but through their own experience, a small part of the program can also be;