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In the Syrian war Yang Zhi or will start the chicken coaching! Qatar for coach Yang Zhi (data plan) yesterday, Qatar Football Association announced that coach coach carreo will no longer serve as the Qatar National team. Qatar is the strongest opponent’s alive preliminaries 40 strong Asian Cup group C, might be chicken coaching Orangemen favorable. On the other hand, with the CengCheng injury, in October 6th the Syrian war veteran, Yang Zhi or guarding the door. Qatar coach was released 40 finals, Qatar’s outstanding performance, and their China team in the same group, but clinched the first qualifying group. But in the 12 game, Qatar’s performance was bad, the first two games, they lost to Iran and Uzbekistan, the road to the world cup cast a shadow. Finally, Carreno reached an agreement with Qatar football association. Carreno was born in May 1, 1963, 53 years old this year. Athletes have played in Uruguay’s national team, the Montevideo Rangers team, from 1985 to 1988 in the French team played Lance. In 1988, he won the South African champion and the Intercontinental Cup champion. After retirement, has been in Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile and other countries have coached the club. Last May, Carreno became coach of qatar. Carreo after class, Qatar coach candidates have been released, one is the Qatari Champions Al Lai Jan coach Fossati, who is also the coach of Uruguay. Another is the age of the players who played in Paris and Manchester City Club Belmadi, he briefly served as Qatar team coach, currently serving as the sub team coach Hervey levin. October 6th, Qatar will be in the 12 round of the game’s third round away from South Korea, which is a severe test for them. In November 15th, Qatar will visit Kunming, and Chinese team. In any case, the opponent is chicken coaching, some good news for the national football team can seize the opportunity to see China. Zheng Zhi missed training list the training list, coach Gao Hongbo made adjustments in personnel: veteran Zheng Zhi and Yu Dabao, Haifeng Ding, Hu Rentian and injured CengCheng unsuccessful, Zhang Chengdong return from injury, the recent good state of Yang Xu also return to the team, veteran Dewey also selected again, Junling goalkeeper Zeng Cheng Yan for joining in competition. Missed the first two games of Zhang Chengdong, this round of regression can greatly enrich the China winger attack. The high center Yang Xu also because of the recent good performance in the league, Gao Hongbo once again call. Veteran Dewey was one of the China defence is a supplement, open in China second team ball, Dewey header Kung Fu team is also important. It can be said that the selection of the three, the Chinese team’s offensive and even scoring is of great benefit. From the current point of view, in the battle of the tickets are quite tight syria. Outside of the war in Syria is full of expectations, while the foot of the country, but also for the war in Syria is full of desire. In an interview last night, a state Department official admitted: after the war in Korea, Iran, the Chinese team got a point, which is acceptable. If you want to qualify, then to Syria, you must be sensitive相关的主题文章: