India large amount of money to withdraw large amounts of money to withdraw from the market (Figure)

India has large amounts of paper money burned a large amount of cash withdrawal (Figure) original title: large amounts of paper money urgently change the government of India announced the delisting of Indians are $500 rupees and 1000 rupees banknotes from 8 midnight out of circulation, a large number of Indians 10 days ago to the bank for a new version of the bill. Despite this panic, there are people to escape punishment and burning paper money, but the business in India expressed support for the government of the fight against "black money" action. India’s prime minister Narendra modi · 8 announced, the denomination of 500 rupees and 1000 rupees notes from the midnight up out of circulation, to fight corruption, "money laundering" and counterfeit money. According to the regulations, all 9 banks closed on the day, the automatic teller machine (ATM) is disabled day. India’s central bank issued a new version of 500 rupees and RS $2000 worth of banknotes on the day of the year, only to allow for a total value of $10 per person per day in the new currency of RS 4000. New Delhi TV’s TV screen display, 10, early in the morning, a large number of Indians came to the door of a number of banks waiting for new coins. To change money private staff M Wa Nur Dan told reporters: "I do not have the The Associated Press small bills, no money in his pocket, no money is available at home. The boss won’t take my money." India finance minister Allen · Jia Lian Fu Yi special people said: "we do not have to hurry to go to the bank, there are a lot of time for the new currency." Government regulations, people can put the old notes deposited in the bank account, or in the end of the bank, the post office in exchange for new coins. Mr modi took office since 2014 to combat the "black money" issued a series of measures, such as tax evasion will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. At the same time announcing the release of the current version of the large paper money delisting, the government warned that those who hold a large amount of undeclared property will suffer the consequences of violation of the tax law. Agence France-Presse reported on 10, who lives in Hyderabad, a village woman · latest news CANDU Curitiba; was heard after the government hanged Calvino Dutch act. Local police said that as Calvino’s family said, large amounts of paper money delisting of the news that "desperate calvino". Last month she had just sold a home land, from the buyers receive 5 million 500 thousand rupees (about 561 thousand yuan) in cash, with some of the money to pay her medical expenses, intends to use the rest of the money to buy a new. Calvino of families, the promulgation of the new deal, as Vinod at a loss, so Dutch act. Many people in rural areas of India used to store large amounts of cash at home, on the one hand, because the local banks less, on the other hand, in order to evade taxes. Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, said they were investigating cases of large amounts of money being burned. The police suspect that these people to do that is to get off the penalty. Rhododendron (Xinhua special feature) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: