Inner Mongolia Swan killed hundreds of Zhenglanqi official cause of death is unknown fkzww

Inner Mongolia Swan killed hundreds of Zhenglanqi: Official Site of unknown cause spread on the social networking platform of Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi Swan killed. The afternoon of October 23rd, micro-blog online posting said, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilinguole Meng Zhenglanqi Swan Lake, there are hundreds of swans were killed. This is a picture posted on a large number of social platforms forwarded. 18:19 on October 23rd, Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau issued notification said in its official WeChat on October 19th at 9 in the morning, Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau received the masses, Zhagesi Taiwan hematoxylin estblishing Nur found dead swans, the staff immediately rushed to the scene and found the water there are some dead waterfowl, because the cause of death is unknown, the Xilinguole Meng Forest Bureau immediately to the Public Security Bureau, and the government’s Public Security Bureau, forestry bureau reported briefly. The report also said that Xilinguole Meng Forest Public Security Bureau and Zhenglanqi County Forest Public Security Bureau immediately formed an investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation, salvage of waterfowl dead body, sent to a department of the qualification of waterfowl name identification. The investigation team to the scene, the dead body of stomach samples of waterfowl soluble substances and medical materials have been extracted after death, some samples have been sent to the CDC and the environmental protection departments of the relevant identification, another part will be sent to the forensic department to determine the cause of death was identified. At the same time, the investigation team is around the masses to visit the survey, and actively find clues. Currently, the investigation is ongoing.相关的主题文章: