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Insomnia is not "sleep" so simple! Liu Yong – Sohu Health said in the "Yi" in "Teikyo after a few cold, up heavy sleep. After all, sleepless night, as long as a year." A few strokes, insomnia brought anxious, after suffering yueranzhishang. Insomnia, for many people, especially the elderly and women, almost everyone has experienced. The mention of "insomnia", a guard, some people are relaxed tremble with fear; and face. Why do people react so differently? Because everyone’s insomnia severity, history, time and experience is completely different. That is how serious insomnia? When do you need to see a doctor? What can I do in the face of insomnia? Let’s look at it today. Can not sleep is not considered insomnia first, everyone needs a lot of sleep time difference. Although most people need to sleep 7-8 hours a day, but there are very few healthy people (about 1%) sleep every day for 5 hours also feel good. Therefore, it is difficult to unify the sleep time standard. For example, the elderly, sleep time will increase with age, the elderly over 60 years of age is about 6.5 hours. Therefore, not sleep less means insomnia, also don’t need to because they slept less than others and feel anxious. Secondly, although the occurrence of insomnia at night, but the main function in the daytime. Daytime symptoms include fatigue, depression or irritability, physical discomfort, and cognitive decline, and can even affect work and social functioning. Currently, there is no clinical significance for those who report only nocturnal insomnia and lack of daytime functional impairment. In other words, if you can not sleep at night, but still energetic during the day, there are no two peace, it is not considered insomnia. We do not worry too much about the cause or causes of insomnia and promote many what "insomnia", as the case to judge, common are: social and psychological factors: the life and work of unpleasant caused by individual anxiety often manifested as insomnia; environmental factors: the environment is noisy, overheating too cold, uncomfortable or light sleep environmental change will cause insomnia; physiological factors: bedtime hunger or satiety, sexual excitement state of insomnia; drug and food factors: drinking alcohol, coffee, tea and other stimulating beverage, or taking drugs; sleep rhythm: day and night shift, frequent travel across time zones; behavioral factors: rest, smoking, exercise before going to bed too much for insomnia caused by the adverse effects if it is due to above Hormone induced insomnia, but don’t worry too much, because if properly handle the situation after insomnia disappeared, not as an independent diagnosis of insomnia. What insomnia we have to see a doctor? The clinic doctor the most common types of insomnia is disorder of chronic insomnia, refers to the frequent and ongoing sleep initiation and maintenance difficulties (child and adolescent sleep latency and sleep wake time > 20 minutes, 30 minutes in the elderly > clinical significance), that individual is not satisfied, the sleep time or quality.相关的主题文章: