Internet cafes close to the supermarket guy repeatedly sneaked into the supermarket theft was arrest-mmc.exe

Internet cafes secret access to small supermarket supermarket theft was arrested several times to sneak 90 after the guy found the secret the other end of the channel was connected with a large supermarket bell, 90 guy, usually love playing games in the vicinity of Changsha County Panpan street cafe, an opportunity to go to the toilet, bell accidentally found a path to the next large supermarket the secret channel. Moreover, even if the supermarket closed at night, you can also enter the supermarket from this channel. The monitoring of the shooting came to the supermarket to taste the sweetness of the bell is a three or four times to the "secret channel" Taobao to suspect, light is monitoring record at least four times into the supermarket to steal. However, if you do not know, unless you have to, the supermarket side did not find a few days and reported to the police. After repeatedly easily succeed, suspect Zhongmou seemed to think they found a get rich road, but does not know the police have already mastered his whereabouts. After monitoring the suspect suspects face features, in September 22nd, the Internet cafe is being seized by the police. Internet cafes found in a small number of people connected to the supermarket channel was arrested for questioning, Zhongmou 23 years old, from Chenzhou, before and no criminal record. He said it was because of curiosity that he did something wrong. Stimulation is a stimulus, but this theft is not a stimulating game, but a criminal act. The other side of the secret passage is not a treasure, but the crime of putting himself in his cell.相关的主题文章: