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IPhone double photo virtual how powerful? The following is a comparison of HUAWEI P9- technology Sohu news anchors down here at the beginning of September, 7 iPhone Plus beat Note 7 explosion doors, become the most popular topic in September, just as long as what content, and their relationship with some headlines, exposure properly. The time towards the end of the month, iOS 10.1 "portrait" and a wave of anger brush sense of presence, the test version seems to be not what features can reach such scaled degree. However, who let the others is apple. We don’t go into too much principle, as long as know the standard camera equivalent 56mm capture screen to achieve virtual virtual portrait closer to the camera perspective, virtual effect of the wide-angle camera handling seems very strange. IPhone 7 Plus upgrade iOS 10.1, open the "camera" – "portrait" can be used. Because of the shallow depth of field effect of the most widely used figure shooting, so called "portrait" no ground for blame. Of course, this function is not limited as some macro scene also apply. The proofs illustrate the problem, not nonsense, on the proofs! Our subjects are: macro, trees, and flowers portrait. Since the iPhone 7 Plus color space description is Display P3, so we ignore the problem of low photo saturation. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and Plus P9 right: P9 macro effect almost, basically completed virtual processing requirements, natural cap and bottle edge. In fact, if the contrast between the background and the main body is strong, they are not very good. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, right: P9 most scenes are more reliable, but the background and the main edge is not easy to control, such as hair. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, right: P9 because close to the main part of the block, the software can not identify this part of the information, it is impossible to accurately calculate the distance and the formation of virtual. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, right: P9 left: iPhone Plus, right: P9 iPhone 7 Plus OK, P9 has been a little fuzzy. The common point of the above scene is that the distance between the background and the main body is far away, and the environment is not cluttered. If the environment is complex or the color is close, the software is often unable to accurately identify. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, while the iPhone 7 Plus right: P9 and P9 create a large aperture effect, but the color of flowers and trees in the distance coincide, the two together software will be empty, lonely appearance caused petal and texture as the center of the picture. Left: iPhone 7 Plus, P9 right: on the whole, iPhone 7 Plus and P9 P9’s performance is acceptable, especially a few spot of good results, but there is insufficient. Left: iPhone more相关的主题文章: