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The elderly into the hardest hit mobile payment security risks rise


telecommunications fraud


report shows that in 2016, telecommunications fraud continued high incidence, the proportion of consumers continued to rise. About 1/4 of the respondents said they encountered telecommunications network fraud and losses occurred, up 11 percentage points compared with 2015, the relatively high in Guangdong, Shandong and other coastal areas of Fujian, the proportion of respondents suffered fraud, more than 40%. It is worth noting that over 50 of the elderly population had the highest proportion of telecommunications fraud, reached 50%, 11 percentage points higher than the average level.

business change life in Africa 20% of Africans have online shopping experience


according to incomplete statistics, Africa now has 330 million Internet users, 1/5 of people have online shopping experience. Sub Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, the top three Internet users, accounting for the country’s total population of 51.1%, 69.6% and 49%. Electronic commerce is rising quietly in Africa, which provides an alternative way of living for hundreds of millions of people.

Shenzhen bicycle sharing rules or solve the public bicycle chaos

in the convenience of the public traffic transfer and short distance travel at the same time, the Internet also has a bike on the size of the expansion, Luantingluanfang vehicles cause inconvenience, malicious damage, Shenzhen city issued "several opinions on encouraging the standardization of Internet bicycle service (Draft)", proposed by the total control, do a good job matching parking space construction, strengthen the user credit management and other means to control.

– the food and Drug Administration: positive study and formulate measures

ordering supervision network

said the director of the State Food and Drug Administration food regulatory division two Ma Chunliang 16, according to the food and beverage industry quality and safety problems, will improve the relevant system standards, is currently working out of the network ordering, dining and some other schools focus on supervision and management measures; strengthen the supervision and management, to all of the food and beverage industry including small catering to licensing or filing to use, 2-3 years, an assessment of all food safety.

network fraud losses of nearly million yuan last year per capita 70% victims were male

hunt network platform recently released in 2016 the trend of network fraud research;