It’s getting cold. The first thing to do after getting up is not to dress right away……

It’s getting cold. The first thing to do after getting up is not to dress right away…… – Sohu health

cold weather,

the harder it is to get up.

feels that the hardest part of the day is

got up a few minutes

especially in the absence of central heating in the south,

warm "heaven" and "cold world"

only a bed of distance,

can imagine,

drill out of bed is a very painful thing;

in addition, the cold morning or

Multiple time period

of acute myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction!

this is not alarmist Oh,

so ah ~

should get up after getting up in the morning……

attention! Winter wake up

the first thing is not to wear clothes immediately

if a wake up hurry up and get dressed, the body from the long time rest, suddenly change the position in the active state, the sympathetic nervous system is activated rapidly, in fact, is not good for the body, the elderly poor regulation is more prone to orthostatic hypertension.

moreover, the body after a whole night of rest, resting state, increased blood viscosity, vascular occlusion, the probability of a large, may exacerbate insufficient blood supply, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

therefore, poor cardiac function, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, etc., should pay attention to the first thing in the morning wake up is not immediately get up and put on clothes!

on the nightstand, to warm light,

slowly wake eyes

will open to the bedside lamp, warm light, if the weather can be the curtain body will gradually begin to recover ~

spend a few minutes

wake up body

a few minutes to wake up the body.

push abdomen 2 minutes

hands flat in the chest, palms down, fingertips slowly pushed to the bottom of the finger to the navel, the following 20 times the cycle.

hip lift 3 minutes

legs apart and shoulder width, hands naturally stretched on both sides of the thigh, relax from the body