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The Jakarta outbreak of anti Chinese demonstrations by the governor of "blasphemy" refers to the Qur’an – Sohu [Global Times News correspondent in Indonesia travel Xianhe Indonesia] capital of Jakarta 4, the outbreak of large-scale demonstrations against Chinese Jakarta governor Zhong Wanxue. The parade was initiated by the Indonesian Islamic hardliners organization "to defend the Islamic Front", the Indonesian police estimated that more than one hundred thousand people to participate in the joint law enforcement team, 18 thousand police officers, inspectors and soldiers to maintain order at the scene the day. 4, the parade from Indonesia’s largest mosque to walk to the presidential palace. "Global Times" reporter on the scene saw a minibus parked near the presidential palace from outside Jakarta. The parade’s "field commander" was coordinated with the local mosque early, blocking some of the sections and becoming a gathering place for the demonstrators. Demonstrations at the beginning of peace, the leader of the meeting was met with Indonesian Vice President Cara, but sporadic clashes with the police in the evening, burned several police cars. The parade is believed to have been triggered by Zhong Wanxue’s reference to the Quran in September. In October 7th, there are two Muslim organizations in the Jakarta special economic zone and to the police bell Wanxue desecration of the Koran illegal. But Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization "Nu" top video watch bell Wanxue speech after the judgment, he has no disrespect of the Quran, just borrow the Koran criticism for political purposes of people. Stand in the protest "command", in addition to "defend the Islamic Front leader, and former Indonesian people’s consultative conference chairman Rice, vice president Fady of Indonesia Action Party Congress and other political opposition. The three largest Muslim groups in Indonesia have said they do not support the demonstration, and called on members not to participate in the organization’s logo parade. Zhong Wanxue work resolutely, in 2014 he became the first Chinese Governor of Jakarta SAR government after rectification, improve the local long-term existence of flooding, high support rate. "October 20th" Indonesia Kompas released poll, 75% of respondents in Jakarta on the bell Wanxue and its partner’s satisfactory performance. But the bell Wanxue often in some public places, abuse under attack opponents, eventually involve sensitive issues. The parade caused a lot of controversy is the important reason is the politics of the bell Wanxue Indonesia "dual minority", he is from the ethnic minority, is also a Christian (88% of Indonesians are Muslim). Indonesia "drip" network said Indonesia social media spread "China sent 500 people to protect the bell Wanxue news, police confirmed that this is It is sheer fiction. Singapore’s Straits Times said the march was considered to be aimed at President Djoko. Political observers said Sue Yadi Natalie, bell Wanxue zuoke is a political ally, their political opponents or using the issue of racial and religious government chaos, "Indonesia has anti Chinese sentiment, and this is something ingrained".相关的主题文章: