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James for the season averaging three double green army coach Chan Knight state – Sohu sports bursting > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 4th, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat Boston 128-122 Celtics, Lebron James had a season high 30 points 7 rebounds and 12 assists, third scored 20 points the Cavaliers in five straight start. Kevin – Le Fu also get a new high of 26 points in the season, Kaili – Erwin,, which is the first time after the Cavaliers 1976-1977 season ushered in the opening of the season’s 5 game winning streak. James start the last 5 straight league 11-12 season, the Cavaliers next match away to Philadelphia team of 76 people, the Cavs win should be nothing difficult, James is expected to usher in the first 6 straight start career. Celtics coach Brad – Stephens said: "this is what I saw in November the best Cavaliers, everyone to find their best, they more than two season and last season, it seems to me that James is great, they are really good." James said after the game, he had that season averaged three pairs have been less likely, but the Westbrook, after Davies et al performance to have more power, we entered the pace too fast, it is possible to get three double. James also only need 4 points, you can reach 26947 points, surpassing Olajuwon to become the total score of the history of the top tenth. The green coach added: "we can see the Cavs play well with James, they are really not simple, the space is very good. Cleveland everyone use their respective advantages, the team is very positive, in November we can see the Cavaliers are better than the other teams, this is the season of stable continuity, tyronn Lue did very well." The Celtics’ Isiah – Thomas 30 points, Bradley – Bill 26 points, two starter El Horford and Claude were injured. (CHE)相关的主题文章: