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Jiang Xin: the marriage will not   happiness is worth, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title: Jiang Xin: marriage will not happy, "blind date" is September, the first open media goings Jiang Xin: marriage will not happy, is starring Jiang Xin left off single female inspirational comedy "blind date" recently in Suzhou for the first time open to the media, and announced the upcoming. Jiang Xin and Li Yanan, Wang Ting, Chen Liang starring appeared. When interviewed, Jiang Xin generous described the concept of marriage, said the day before Hsu Chi’s sweet marriage, more let her feel happy to see hope, etc.. Modern Express reporter Cao Feng ZAKER Nanjing fattening ten pounds to lose weight, "summer" at the image of "blind about" tells the story of a plump 3S lady summer, launched a series of date on the road to find true love, but eventually found true love story around the inspirational monomer. Jiang Xin played a single young woman stay adorable "summer", so down to earth’s role, and the Jiang Xin to bring the audience the impression be quite different. It is reported that, in order to better interpret the summer this role, Jiang Xinzeng weighs about ten pounds. In this regard, Jiang Xin explained: "in fact is also can be presumptuous to eat, this movie will always be very presumptuous to eat and drink." But when it comes to the "Ode to joy 2" shooting, Jiang Xin said, and need to be responsible for the next drama: "the most recent time to lose weight, because immediately into the" happy song 2 ", so to quickly thin." A "Qi Feng marriage", "blind date" to accept the new trend of TV drama "blind date" focusing "3S lady off list of the international metropolitanize hot topic, so that the" blind date "is considered the hot trend of scheduled 2017. When interviewed, Jiang Xin admitted that she even blind date will not go, not to mention the blind about. But she is not opposed to other people "blind", "there are a lot of opportunities to contact different people, this is right." As for marriage, Jiang Xin said "don’t worry", said the day before the wedding of Hsu Chi sweet, let her see the hope, feel happy is, "marriage is a lifetime thing, cannot be compromised. Time is not a problem. Like Hsu Chi, I’m so happy that I can wait." (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: