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Jin Shan: why not let Chinese football fans take full responsibility? A very active in Beijing, the three big ball fans in the regiment meet moon, Han Jun couples, Emily, the 9 army, the uncle returned from Xi’an, these diehard fans look at the train straight to the stadium to avoid relegation Beijing women’s football cheer. Old man said: you really do not go back to the stands". The Beijing women’s home court defeat, all double defeat Rimmon in the lost, the Orangemen lost Beijing women lose again, we come to a restaurant near the party xiannongtan in boring. The moon: we came to Xi’an, the journey, spend half a month salary is not called the thing, if there is a victory even draw, we will be excited to not think we lost to a refugee team. We got off the train to xiannongtan, Beijing women’s situation is very favorable to lose, you said these days I was out of luck! A few days ago in Beijing three big ball fans rushed to Xi’an Guoan old man: it is bad luck to drink cold water are Seya, the Orangemen will not fail we regret at that game playing is so messy, clueless at all, what we take to win? (at the grassroots theorist Zhao Jing came to Zhao Jing): I’m sorry, I just came back from Langfang I own factory, I am the person all know, would love to. On one occasion, I and Zhang Yang, a famous TV station in Beijing debate, debate a few rounds of Zhang Yang said, uncle, I do not argue with you, I said, but you. In the side of the river to Zhang Yang said: "there are people who say you? That should have been on CCTV." Although I’m a lot less famous than Zhang, the cultural level is not as good as him, but I would like to debate and celebrities. Yang Changyong (the three big ball cheer team members): Zhao Ge, your mouth more eloquent! We all know that you call the "South China sea spray ball buster", Guangdong South China Sea Waves PI foul, abusive Beijing fans said: "Marbury did not move, he is Cao your mother", many rogue ah, Zhao brother a few doggerel to the South China sea waves mad. I remember Zhao brother have a "South China Sea Waves too wicked to raise a child, my music is not the skull halo. Zhao Jing: I do not mention the South China Sea Spray, the grade is too low! Also talk about Chinese football. The ball was lost again, and the home team lost to the Syria team. The audience not only shouted Gao Hongbo class, but also shouted Cai chairman class. On the football association chairman as fans we really want to say, Hao Haidong said: the football association should be led by the experts." Now look at this statement is true, but the leadership of these football association is basically a layman. As early as in the first year, we had a football association chairman Yan, national team to qualify the League two years actually not to engage in relegation, the Super League can only have two foreign players. Plus match-fixing HeiShao, this league will have to see? The years of attendance plummeted. The World Cup qualifier in Hongkong Chinese team to win a few goals are not clear, too unprofessional! Later came to thank Chairman of national team qualify, actually raised the League to be familiar with the League of the North South Division, Lang Xiaonong persuaded the veto, if true, is the League retrogression! Later, the World Cup qualifier actually let the six game in Iraq相关的主题文章: