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Jinhua, a street wire into a spider web when to sort out? Jinhua City, Fu Feng Jie is a street, a thoroughfare at the foot of the mountain peak was residents in the city, there are many surrounding residential areas. This year, Fu Feng Jie after transformation, the road has a new look. However, some residents yesterday to the newspaper, after the transformation of the road is beautiful, but the road on both sides of the wire is haywiring, I hope the relevant departments to supervise the change. A chaos: adults can reach out and touch the Fu Feng Jie line adjacent to the high wire, from Feng Ting Dong Lu Fu Yuan Lu to just two hundred or three hundred meters on both sides of the road, wire hanging phenomenon can be seen everywhere. Long wires droop down, should not support the corners of buildings, these wires and ground is likely to "close contact". Qianjiang Evening News reporter found that the wire hanging the worst place in the 99 street near the peak. Count the number, there are 31 lines tied together, the average adult standing hand can easily pull up. According to visual, some of the lowest line only 2 meters from the ground a little more. "There’s still a step, and if the tall man comes, it’s possible to get on." A nearby foreign trade shop owner Ms. Wang said, these lines should be weak wires, although we all know that the risk is not big, but it is not practical to have effect on the business, but also how much. In Wang’s impression, there have been more than a year, Fu Feng Jie is from the second half of last year the beginning of the transformation, in May this year, the road hardening, she also asked the construction team responsible for these wires to deal with, the answer is "to be buried in the earth". However, half a year has passed, such as the general network of spider wire, but has been unable to". Two chaos: wiring board free hanging there is a phenomenon in the poles so that nearby residents worry. In Feng Ting Fu Feng Road and street intersection of a pole, hung several edible oil drum, the bottom of the barrel was cut open. Reporter approached found that each bucket is hidden in a wiring socket. "Plastic bucket is used to cover the rain, but the socket is so hung up, in case of a problem how to do?" Passing the residents told reporters that these connection socket is hung up to do business at night snack stall, there is a part of the residents used to charge electric vehicles. There must be a problem with the wire connection, but we do not know which department to manage." A shop owner told reporters tucao. It’s been a while since the thick oil stains on the wiring socket can be seen. A number of shops and residents said, Fu Feng Jie wire private pull random access phenomenon long-standing. The Fu Feng Jie is located in suburban, foreign tenants, snack snack, this seems to be a problem. Department feedback: the realization of "the road line change" belongs to the new street as soon as possible, the street party committee secretary Ni Hongwei said, pay attention to Fu Feng Jie Street on both sides of the line problem, is currently working with the departments in charge of construction, for an early settlement. The director of the Jinhua city construction and development center should be less court reports, Fu Feng Road Reconstruction construction from September last year to June this year, officially began, the main road hardening work has been basically completed. Line pipe network transformation design, underground pipe network is also embedded in place." Should be less court said, according to the planning;相关的主题文章: