Jishan college to Renaissance Yangming in the traditional culture and values in the new network remo freelander2

Jishan college to Renaissance Yangming in the traditional culture and reshape the values – Beijing new network in Shaoxing in September 26 (Xinhua Xie Panpan tuyi) "there are high mountains and lofty hills and clean rapids, an agreeable environment; each other……" This is the "Lanting Pavilion" sequence depicting calligrapher Wang Xizhi in Zhejiang Shaoxing Kuaijishan picture. Kuaijishan classical charm spread from thousands of years ago, and a just Kuaijishan top of the closing of the forum, as if people return to the ancient times and talk about. From Dunhuang until the flowers set of farewell poems from the Tang Dynasty to Fan Zhongyan and Wang Yangming’s responsibility, from Maitreya to the origin of the belief of Zen culture, the Kuaijishan Forum opened on the brilliant. Jishan academy hosted the second Kuaijishan forum "held in Zhejiang Shaoxing in September 23rd – 25. In a piece of poetry sound, vice president Pan Jianguo Jishan college already feel gratified and feel the burden is even heavier. In September 26th, Pan Jianguo said, Shaoxing has a splendid culture, science master Wang Yangming in Shaoxing has left a precious cultural wealth, look through the Renaissance Jishan academy, held Kuaijishan forum, to prop up the status of Shaoxing in the Chinese culture, at the same time to restore Wang Yangming’s theory Chinese ideological values. "We owe Wang Yangming" Jishan academy first by the famous song dynasty literati created by Fan Zhongyan. The first year of Song Baoyuan (1038), Fan Zhongyan served as the governor. After the arrival of Fan Zhongyan in the state government (now Shaoxing city wolongshan Xigang, namely mountain rain Pavilion at the creation of Jishan Academy). Fan Zhongyan not only personally in the lecture on politics, is inviting famous scholars to Dan stone as college abbot, a time of domestic famous Jishan academy. But at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Academy was abandoned. Fortunately, Jishan college encountered second master of science, master Wang Yangming. It is not only to accompany Wang Yangming a few years time, it is a witness to the perfection and development of Wang Yangming’s philosophical system. Yangming system plays an important role in the "conscience" theory that was born in Jishan college. Through lectures and expansion of Wang Yangming for many years, Jishan college again became the most famous college. Time flies, in today’s college, Jishan has no ancient scenery, "in Jishan Academy where I saw the ruins left by Wang Yangming have been annihilated, the site was occupied by the garage, house." Recall the initial Jishan academy scene, Pan Jianguo some sad. "We are sorry for Wang Yangming, guilty in Jishan college." This sentence, often hanging in the mouth of Pan Jianguo. The life of Wang Yangming "Khalid, Liyan, crime", "true immortal three", "real world". He founded Yangming theory of East Asia modernization thought forerunner. Wang Yangming and Confucius, Mencius (Confucianism synthesizer), Zhu Xi (Science synthesizer) and called the hole, Meng, Zhu, wang. "There is such a good culture, but we have not been attached importance to and carry forward, it is a pity." Therefore, the revival of Yangming Pan Jianguo become the long years. He said, "at that time, as a CPPCC member, I wrote a lot of proposals, Shaoxing started to culture brand, to carry forward yangmingxinxue)相关的主题文章: