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Joker exposes the frozen inside when expressed dissatisfaction with the new propaganda boss – from the Milky Way cool entertainment and Youku produced, happy global media CO produced the "Mars 2" intelligence online within two weeks, the reputation of continuous fermentation. November 18th (today) a new program on the line, director Wang Han incarnation Elvis Presley big rock, and the highly anticipated Zhang Yu will return to the guests. The site continued to his sentence, always with one or two words high turn the audience. At the same time, Joker also actively opened old wounds, not resigned to playing second fiddle, not because of love for the first time about the company to arrange the song and frozen ten years of bitter experience. Despite the passage of time, about these experiences, Joker still very angry, "give us a song, was critical to the LOW." Secretary Wang Han unveiled a breakthrough Elvis Presley jump rock in this program, the Mars family held a wonderful hair show open up a fresh outlook, colored hair appeared one by one, turn the audience laugh. Secretary Wang Han also could not help but try to replace the fixed hair for many years, with the active symbol of wig Elvis Presley. In order to show the identity of the Elvis Presley Wang Han out, will lead the audience to scream, Xue too is to address him, "good, good for." Not only that, director Wang Han also led the other senior agent and Elvis Presley classical dance. Skilled movements of the audience stayed to see, can not help but sigh, the original has been refined Wang Han and a rock so. Joker exposes the frozen inside early, Joker to Qian Jun and Junjun a "combination of debut, but no sound later. In the "Mars 2" intelligence program, Joker initiative to talk about the experience, "said the company to arrange the song, is simply a low explosive." He is also the first frozen ten years insider was exposing, and then spoke directly to express their dissatisfaction with the boss. The Joker mouth "low burst," is my scars "music, but it brought the agents of interest, we have to request a Joker show. Joker nor coy, scene singing, unique style, with exaggerated movements, amused the audience laugh. In addition to popularity, Joker also harvest countless girls. This program, there is a female audience suddenly high-profile love Joker. Her confession, "I want to protect the Joker, I want to be a woman Joker." Such a straightforward pursuit of offensive, let always funny and strange Joker are unable to resist sustain the blows. However, Joker is "an old traveller", in the short period of the embarrassment, he invited the girl next gentleman to accompany their catwalk. In this unique T Taiwan show that near the end of the side of the Yang Di God assists, with a white bed sheet over the Joker and advertising of girls, so the scene in an uproar. Zhang Yujin continued to frequent sentence "driving" terrified guests in the first season of the "Mars Intelligence Agency", Zhang Yu often stunned, outstanding performance for users who left a deep impression, many netizens even dubbed him "old driver". The return of Mars stage, Zhang Yu’s verse attribute does not change, contribute a lot of fresh material for everyone. When he wore a wig to play rock star, he didn’t think.相关的主题文章: