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Joker: Toilet recorded the song called love sound good network red Sina entertainment news August 25th, Joker [micro-blog] funny "new song" appeared in the Chinese conference. The music program has long coveted Joker, the fifth team is pleased to be invited as a mysterious tutor, he will lead the players from the network area with four tutors on war. How to select players? Joker joked that their selection mainly depends on temperament, hoping to hear the true voice, we recommend recording songs in the toilet, because the echo effect is the best, love everyone called her web to red, and four instructors on their own honor. Fifth teams choose players look temperament? Recommended player since Joker toilet recorded the song as net red burst of red in many variety show recording, but he has been in a variety of programs to express their wants to play music show ideas. The new song of the Fifth Corps of the network to invite their own team, he naturally readily agreed. The song sound Fifth Corps is actually in the network to recruit the majority of users to upload their own video by singing, Joker selected players, with four new songs tutors in Beijing final realignment. How to select fifth players? Joker laugh their players see temperament, but in fact he saw the afternoon two video, users who want to upload the real voice, visible teacher is very strict selection criteria. He recorded the song as long as a mobile phone, a microphone, heroes do not ask the source, more users weapon said maximum recorded the song best resonance toilet. Na Ying [micro-blog] is singing teacher Jay Chou to accompany him through the difficult times Joker said he has been very concerned about the new sound of this program, students are impressed by Chen Bing, the treble is very gorgeous, but his biggest feature is not high. The impressive is the setting of the stage decline, he also joked that should set up a regret button, the teacher has the power to regret. For the program group, Joker emotion program group is rich, four heavyweight, is also looking forward to his mentor, and their. Joker more and four new songs about his mentor Na Ying as his origin, he was singing the first teacher in the fifth grade when listening to Na Ying’s song, very love. Wang Feng [micro-blog] song is your running essential, half of the country rock circle status. Jay Chou’s music is come with their own havehamburgers obscure time in Switzerland only a week before his three album, Jay Chou can still recite, Harlem Yu singing passion himself quite appreciate. Love someone called her web red singer and singer Joker works speak back to attach great importance to this program, the Joker wearing a red sweater, he was more fun than usual are put on my sweater thirty percent. Although when the network enjoy red, but because the network burst red, Joker admitted he now stroke intensive, even sleep to take sleeping pills. But when it comes to music, or to emphasize Joker singer works to speak, not as a player up high. Yang Ruochen (Utopia): Sina exclusive articles, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: