Kashmir a military base attacked 17 soldiers were killed in the new network-synnex

Kashmir a military base attacked 17 soldiers were killed – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing in September 18 – comprehensive news: Indian Kashmir a military base in local time 18 days of attacks by militants, killing at least 17 soldiers were killed. 4 militants were killed in the ensuing firefight. According to Broadcasting British Corporation quoted the India military statement said the militants armed with guns and grenades raided the military base. "India times" news that the attack occurred at dawn on 18, most of the soldiers are still in a state of sleep. Militants fired into a building inside the base, then the two sides exchanged fire and lasted several hours. Indian military confirmed that 4 militants were killed in the crossfire. Indian military said that there may still be militants hiding near the base, the Indian army has launched a hunt. India media said that this has become the most bloody attacks against the India army in 26 years. After the incident, the interior minister of India canceled the trip to Russia and the United States, and said the Indian military has been controlled Kashmir and the regional government to communicate on the matter. According to Al Jazeera news, India’s defense minister and chief of staff will be rushed to the incident area. Kashmir is controlled by Pakistan and India. Since 1989, Indian controlled Kashmir militants active local, often with the presence of the troops in the India shootout. It is reported that the number of armed conflicts in the region has resulted in heavy casualties, most of them civilians. In July this year, an Indian armed forces in Kashmir controlled by the local police leaders killed, causing local people’s continued dissatisfaction and protest, and clashed with the police. Data show that in more than two months time, more than 80 civilians have been killed in the conflict, and thousands injured. Due to the local public relations remained tense, the India authorities on July 9th in Indian Kashmir curfew. (end)相关的主题文章: