Keeping Your Home Office Looking Good

Most home businesses cannot afford a cleaning service to keep their offices looking good. Nonetheless, public areas, such as a reception area, make a powerful first impression upon potential customers. You cannot afford to let these areas look sloppy or dirty. Your customers enjoy visiting a clean and safe environment, and a well-organized workplace is more productive. Perhaps even more important is that your home office should be decorated in an attractive manner. Most cities and towns have at least one commercial decorating service available. For instance, you can access excellent Florida interior decorating in the town of Boca Raton.

There are many stories of home-based companies that have lost business due to an untidy or poorly-decorated appearance. For instance, J.S. Dean and Company had a thriving private investigation service in Tampa. In 2008, the owners started noticing that potential clients who visited the home-based office frequently chose not to pursue an engagement. It turned out that the reception area suffered from an unpleasant odor caused by lax cleaning and disinfection. The owners had become used to the odor, and were only made aware of the problem when a visitor complained. Mortified, the owners immediately hired a commercial cleaning service, and within days business began to pick up again. They then brought in an interior decorator to completely revamp the look of the home office. Customers started complimenting the owners for their excellent taste in design.

When you hire an office cleaner, you should be aware of the tasks it will perform for you on a daily basis. Here is a checklist that will help you monitor the work performed by your cleaning service:

  • ·       Clean out and periodically wash waste receptacles, replacing liners daily.
  • ·       Vacuum all floors, mats and carpets. Disinfect hard floors.
  • ·       Dust and damp wipe all horizontal surfaces, using a disinfectant where appropriate.
  • ·       Check for and remove cobwebs.
  • ·       Clean walls, door frames, light switches, glass surfaces and metal doors and cabinets.
  • ·       Ensure all areas are arranged neatly, removing all garbage, papers, bottles and other effluvia.
  • ·       Stock hand towels, toilet paper, hand soap and facial tissues in your bathrooms and kitchen areas.
  • ·       Clean and polish mirrors.
  • ·       Clean off towel and soap dispensers, sinks and faucets, and hand-dryers.
  • ·       Sanitize all basins and neighboring partitions. Remember to remove splash marks.
  • ·       Mop wet-area floors with disinfectant. Apply disinfectant when cleaning toilets and urinals.
  • ·       On a weekly basis, spray buff all hard floors and squeegee windows, inside and out. Also, vacuum vents and chairs.

Of course, the tasks required for your home office will vary with circumstances. In any event, always make sure you are dealing with a reputable cleaning company, so that you know you are getting all the service you expect. The same is true for a decorating service – pick one with a track record for excellence.