Knight Jr even narrowly escaped reversal escapement magic key ball three big 62 points (video)-9c8996

Knight JR even narrowly escaped reversal escapement magic key ball three big 62 points [collection] 99-105 Magic Knight James 23 separate dunked show King Air Sports Tencent news October 30th Knight at most 22 points ahead of the home court case, almost opponent was returning, fortunately, the final 105-99 to force a magic, won three straight season magic, is losing streak, continue in the eastern bottom. James audience contribution 23 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists, Erwin scored 20 points, Le Fu, 19 points. Click to view the field of technical statistics data Cleveland Orlando data James 23 points and 6 rebounds and 9 assists for 22 points and 2 rebounds and 5 assists Fournier Erwin 20 points and 4 rebounds, 2 points and 7 rebounds in 19 to help Iraq Baca 1 points and 5 rebounds and 19 assists Le Fu 1 cap Payton 10 points 4 rebounds and 5 assists three wins this season Knight made new field star: the key moment of the game JR JR savior scored 16 points, but when the magic paratelum poor will be closer to 3 points, his three consecutive points to save the team. He was the first pick of James assists the bottom line hit three points, followed by the left again in the long biao. The last Ibaka assault, will close to 95-98, JR to hit three points. The continuous key ball ensures that the knight ends up laughing at last. The trend of the game: Knight thrilling win after the opening two was deadlocked, but put the magic tower lineup soon into the wind. Kevin caught frontcourt attack succeeded, followed by a 2+1 attack. Fournier also color, but JR immediately added 2 points, the Cavaliers to 15-9 lead. But here’s to hit Fournier, after Erwin, James and sweet Alpert continuously hit three points, the difference will be gradually opened. Before the end of the first section of Jefferson and Kevin scored 4 points, rookie field complete buzzer raid, the Cavaliers lead to 33-20. Cleveland’s offense is like violent storm after the two attack, Anderson, Erwin outwire Biao in three minutes, the home team to 43-23 achieved two digit advantage, forcing Vogel to request to suspend. After the suspension of magic rebounded slightly, but the knight three points such as rain, Erwin and Dunleavy hit 3 consecutive three points. Before the end of the first half of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, James forced off against the defending three points hit, incidentally also made Gordon foul, four complete attack. Although the visiting team after James scored 5 points, but last-minute buzzer raid dunks, half will score to 62-45. Due to back-to-back reason, knight and third physical status problems. However, they can still suppress the opponent on the pitch, James made two foul after all, 76-56, the home team is still holding a lead of 20 points. After a fast break opportunities incense Alpert chose not to dunk, to a certain extent on the physical condition of general knight. Fournier and yibaka scored 6 points, Anderson last-minute rebound foul, two free throws after knight to 80-62 with a 18 point advantage into the distal. Magic paratelum chase is very fierce, Augustin break layup, the score has narrowed to 80-86. Seeing the advantage in jeopardy, James personally, in the attack by Green steals capping case, James finished two attack. But looking back at Jefferson.相关的主题文章: