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Kunming Xian this package price refresh your cognitive and fragrant village old wooden fish Sohu since October last year, the beginning of the opening were chowhound’s delight, a year between the two stores are not unusual. This does not, in August this year, Dianchi old wooden fish fragrant village road will come into being, the continuation of the old store decoration style but also a lot of the store was upgraded, and separated, looking ahead, spacious and bright, green. The old man fish barrel fragrant village to operate tree based, supplemented by Sichuan snacks, fish are killed, authentic taste of Sichuan wooden fish, pickled fish, soft fish, red soup, chicken feet stop signs chowhound, storm duck head, brown sugar cake, oil cake, etc. Pickles, Sichuan Style frozen snack is everyone will point to the shop. Authentic dishes delicious, affordable PFP, is the old man in the village of incense barrels of fish commitment to all diners. In order to support the old man and the old man to support the village of old wooden barrels of customers and new customers, Dianchi Road shop with this article is available for 128 yuan to enjoy the original price of $226 a package of four. Four package includes: Guizhou fish 68 yuan kg × 1.5 kg =102 yuan =28 yuan 4× pot tableware; 1=4 element with water 4× Pickles, Sichuan Style 4=16 yuan =6 yuan (Steamed Rice) brown sugar Ciba one of two yuan 6=24 yuan 4× =12 beer; green cabbage + tomato + tofu + purple potato + Cucumber =6+ 6+8+8+6=34 yuan the total value of =226 yuan, by virtue of this article can enjoy the 128 yuan four packages (only Dianchi road). Store address: No. 453 Dianchi Road, next to the inspection and quarantine yard, ordering the phone: 67278162 store address: Longjiang road and road intersection red brocade parking lot, reservation Tel: 65884882相关的主题文章: