Large casino hiding in the village of late night gambling was recently destroyed by police-restorator

The village is not hiding large casino gambling regularly at night recently destroyed by the police – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui daily news in the first half of this year, Luyang police in the acquisition of information found in a village without removal of the yard is not simple. Seemingly ordinary houses may be hidden in a large casino. The police after 4 months of investigation decisively to close the net, destroyed a large casino, gambling and arrested 71 people. Four months of Mopai found the casino in the first half, Kyorin police station came to Lee Wa village in the process of collecting information. Here are the demolition, only one house is not opened. The landlord opened the door, the police entered the room to turn around. Police said, one into the main room saw a more than and 50 square meter room, in addition to a huge table and some chairs, nothing. There are six or seven small rooms, each room is only a table and some chairs. The police found here is not so simple ordinary houses, this is likely to be a large casino. In order to find out the actual situation, the police began a period of four months of squatting, about the size of the casino, gambling time and personnel. Waiting for night etc. around the casino gambling began only a path through the casino, hiding behind a hill, standing on the hill to see the situation around?. The police found in the casino and Dunshou, not every day, sometimes every day, sometimes every two or three days, and every opening in the middle of the night 2 points, closing at 8 in the morning. Every time the opening of a casino, every three hundred or four hundred meters there is a sentry. Police decided to assault. Luyang Public Security Bureau to mobilize more than 50 police officers went to the casino around the ambush, ready for action. "It is strange, that night we waited until 5 a.m. not gambling, we really afraid of this game is not opened up." Police told reporters, they wait until more than 5 day morning, the beginning of the game. He caught his legs hurt the police gamblers in 15 minutes break 8 sentry, blocked the casino two exports, will house all control. At this time, a gambler to jump out of a window to escape, this scene was the Luyang Public Security Bureau Public Security battalion Wei Xiuquan saw him jump. Unexpectedly, the window is a swamp, Wei Xiuquan jumped after the legs bogged down and unable to move because of the inertia lead legs ligament tear, no rehabilitation. Then there is a police also jumped down, will escape gamblers arrested. Reporter yesterday learned from Luyang Public Security Bureau, the operation has arrested 71 people, 15 people including 2 landlords, jingfangxingju, 44 people were in administrative detention, involving more than 20 gambling. Casino operators Humou was arrested on the spot. Subsequently, Humou confessed it also has a considerable scale of casinos in Shushan District, two casinos across the open, every time is 12 a.m. opening game, send a message to invite friends to determine the time and place.相关的主题文章: