Large documentary influence – collection of Chinese contemporary artists ravbin

The documentary "effect" – Chinese contemporary artists series of documentary collection notices "" — Chinese contemporary artists series of artists selected contemporary art collection notices Chinese need, need to record, need to spread, need to "influence"! Through the public on the Internet for the selection of candidates for artists, thus avoiding the interests of contemporary art fortress, promote the healthy development of the art criticism. By Sina contemporary art channel, Beijing bei’ao arts culture and Art Development Co. Ltd., Beijing Austria Estate Investment Co. Ltd launched large-scale documentary "effect" — China contemporary artists series of artist collection activities officially started. China contemporary art after 30 years, China contemporary artists on the international stage for a try, in the current mobile Internet tide is gradually losing focus, they will face the world changes, how to carry out their own thinking and intervene. The big documentary "influence" — the Chinese contemporary artists series, will re focus on Chinese contemporary art, the real record of the profound changes in the social background of today, the living conditions of the artist group. Discover, link and reflect the social value and effect of contemporary art. The documentary "effect" — Chinese contemporary artists series will find Chinese value in contemporary art, contemporary art China records of the development of the most representative art language in literature expression, to convey the essence of China profound academic spirit of contemporary art, continue to inject impetus to the development of contemporary art in China, the development of contemporary art is Chinese the significance of the literature art archives. "Influence" — Chinese contemporary artists series by China’s most professional documentary team effort to build a panoramic presentation of contemporary art and artists in the transformation of Chinese era in the development of ideas and the real state of survival, the creation of the state. Production specifications: each set in 10-15 minutes. Line frequency: Quarterly 10 sets, a set of Monday. Collection of rules: 1 selected artists, the organizers will by curators, critics, art dealers, collectors, media and art galleries, art galleries, museums, art fund, auction companies, art exhibition, art colleges, art institutions recommended, China Chinese collection of contemporary artists the most artistic vitality. 2, the selected artist’s works of art form, region, age, gender is not limited. 3, the election must provide their own or artist is recommended works pictures data of 6 images and 600 word text recommended reason. 4, the organizers will work for the picture and text information, participating artists in contemporary art exhibition of sina channel. 5, the public on the Internet to vote for the candidate of the artist, the artist’s popularity index is automatically displayed in the Internet, the organizers will conduct comprehensive assessment and evaluation according to the degree of concern for public artists. 5, artist information sent to the mailbox: yxysjxl@sina相关的主题文章: