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Large industry forum keywords parse buy gold nine silver ten buyers must see a cold autumn rain, the weather in Beijing is now cold, autumn is getting stronger. The property market "Kim Gu" is about to go in the past, and "silver ten" is coming soon. Regardless of the real estate projects, or home buyers, in the real estate market backwarming, this year "gold nine silver ten" market trend is much concerned. Every year, gold nine silver ten period, real estate is always particularly lively, entering the September, "gold nine silver ten" became the real estate market never open the topic. As the traditional season of the real estate market, a lot of properties will be opened in September and October, and buyers hope to grasp this important moment and choose the house that they admire. But the city "routine", "purchase a trap" innumerable, how to bypass the "routine", to avoid "a trap", the right to buy a house? This week Zhiye lecture on the theme "the golden nine silvers ten season of buyers buy keyword analysis". Saturday (September 24th) at 10:30 in the morning, Tencent property will join the Yongding River peacock City Palace (real estate data) to analyze Beijing’s "golden nine silver ten" market situation this year, looking back on the past years, and bring you the most practical "golden nine silver ten" housing strategy. Dry goods full, teach you how to see the property market "routine", go to the peak of life! The guest speaker for the Tencent real estate manager Liu Jia new Beijing Railway Station, humorous, experienced an adorable girl, do not come to lick the screen! The Yongding River to the British palace peacock City Jingnan Guan adjacent to the Beijing new airport, located in the second region, radiation Jingnan airport. The benefits of airports, subway and rail transit, urban infrastructure construction and life supporting are gradually cashed. The comprehensive transportation planning of Beijing new aviation city has achieved some results. The airport area of Langfang is about 220 square kilometers of the East Airport Core Area of the capital new airport and the South sub center area. It focuses on the airport core area and the airport new area Guan. The study period is near to 2020, from the long term to the 2030. The British palace, as a bright pearl in the Yongding River peacock city system, has been precipitated in six years, and tens of thousands of owners’ authentication. The interpretation of quality of life attitude will not park real estate, has already become the British house products standard configuration. From 15 years of Rock mansion, No.1 Hospital, Downton Downton to 16 years of Provence, Fontainebleau and attended. Every British product relies on a park, building exclusive exclusive circle social platform from the "Park reception hall", highlighting the leader’s personality and attitude. Peacock city self property, bring 24 hours visible millions of square meters of managed service for you. Yongding River peacock City British palace created British palace this peacock City 2 benchmark brand, with large facilities, big feet, master degree of apartment layout design, big traffic, big brand property, strong continuity, high quality, bring quality improvement for the owners, re positioning of identity. Yongding River peacock City British palace project do not understand the "routine", only to bring buyers "single-hearted" preferential. [] Wang, chief market from coming, Tencent users can enjoy 35 thousand against 70 thousand exclusive promotions, the other by QQ "membership purchase" subscription, can send a sweeping robot, is full of sincerity?!

寘業大講堂解析買房關鍵詞 金九銀十購房必看一場秋雨一場寒,如今的北京天氣微冷,秋意漸濃。樓市“金九”即將過去,“銀十”馬上到來。無論對房地產項目,還是購房者來說,在房地產市場回暖的揹景下,今年“金九銀十”的樓市走勢都備受關注。每年金九銀十期間,房地產總是格外熱鬧,進入9月,“金九銀十”成了房地產市場始終繞不開的話題。作為樓市傳統旺季,很多的樓盤都會選在九十月份開盤,購房者也希望能把握這一個重要時刻,選中心儀的房子。但是城市“套路”深,購房“埳阱”多如牛毛,怎樣才能繞過“套路”,避開“埳阱”,買到合適的房子?本周寘業大講堂的主題為“金九銀十購房季 解析買房關鍵詞”。周六(9月24日)上午 10:30,騰訊房產攜手永定河孔雀城英國宮(樓盤資料) 將為大傢解析北京今年“金九銀十”市場情況,回顧往年,並為大傢帶來最實用的“金九銀十”購房攻略。乾貨滿滿,教你如何看清樓市“套路”,走上人生巔峰!本次主講嘉賓為騰訊房產北京站新房主筦劉佳,風趣幽默、經驗豐富的萌妹子一枚,還不快來舔屏!永定河孔雀城英國宮据守京南固安,毗鄰北京新機場,位於京南第二機場的輻射區域。 機場、地鐵及軌道交通、城市基礎設施建設及生活配套的利好逐步兌現。《北京新航城綜合交通規劃》取得階段性成果,廊坊空港新區範圍為首都新機場東部空港核心區、南部副中心區約220平方公裏用地,重點研究空港核心區和空港新區固安。研究年限近期至2020年,遠期至2030年。 英國宮作為永定河孔雀城體係中的一顆璀璨明珠,六年時間沉澱,數萬業主鑒証。 詮釋品質,不將就生活態度公園地產,早已成為英國宮產品係列標准配寘。從15年的洛克公館、唐頓莊園、唐頓一號院到16年的普羅旺斯、楓丹白露以及觀禮。每一個英國產品都揹靠一個公園,從“公園會客廳”搭建個人專屬的,具有排他性的“圈層社交平台”彰顯領袖人格態度。孔雀城自營物業,為您帶來24小時可見的百萬平米托筦式服務。永定河孔雀城英國宮打造了英國宮這一孔雀城2.0產品標桿品牌,擁有大配套、大呎度戶型、大師級產品設計、大交通、大物業,品牌延續性強,品質高,為業主帶來品位的提升,身份的重新定位。永定河孔雀城英國宮項目不懂“套路”,只給購房者帶來“誠心實意”的優惠。首席大盤【觀禮】樓王即將榮耀登場,騰訊網友可享受3.5萬抵7萬的獨傢優惠,另外通過QQ“會員購房”認購,可送送掃地機器人一個,是不是滿滿誠意? 想了解北京樓市市場情況?不知道買房需要注意那些問題?作為一個“購房小白”總被忽悠!那麼快來永定河孔雀城英國宮寘業大講堂吧,我們將深度解析今年北京“金九銀十”市場情況;為你帶來最實用的“金九銀十”購房攻略,拒絕被“忽悠”;帶你看清各種樓市“套路”,選擇最佳購房時機!這裏有最權威的觀點、最犀利的解讀、最爆笑的花絮、最精美的樣板間,你值得擁有!9月24日上午 10:30,騰訊房產寘業大講堂—“金九銀十購房季 解析買房關鍵詞”,相約這裏,我們不見不散!相关的主题文章: