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Chinese studies may be better than you may be better than the lens of the 1 Sinology may be better than you, we Chinese medicine ah, is to pay attention to the internal and external repair. It’s like you eat light, eat soup ah, have to eat?" 2 pm yesterday, wearing a white gown, with two residents, Diyala is in hospital building in geriatrics ward busy. When patients are in Sichuan, even in remote rural vernacular description of the disease to him, Diyala not only understand no obstacle, also fluent Sichuan dialect communication. The accent, no one, no one would suspect that he was not a native. 4 ward, the patient appeared in the blue ankle, Diyala skillfully pressed a few times, took out the needle, acupuncture points. "Does it hurt? Should not be too painful? Feel the pain as far as possible if don’t use Oh, wait a little, the ancients said, tolerance can be made 100 Yong, a dynamic system can be 100……" Several clinical patients couldn’t help laughing, they love the "foreign Chinese medicine" extremely careful and humorous, think he is unbelievable, in addition to traditional Chinese skill, but also the essence of the culture of Chinese, history, traditional culture, classical literature, classical Chinese, proficient in the. Ancient poetry, mouth to come. Come out from ward 4, Diyala quickly turned into ward number 9. Patient Lv Ying is waiting for him. The needle, Diyala did not forget to appease the patient’s mood, let her relax. Lv Ying asked, why should the collocation of medicine pills? Diyala side accurately poke her shoulder points, while in Sichuan, a traditional Chinese medicine, we ah, is to pay attention to inside and outside the double. It’s like you eat light, eat soup ah, have to eat? Lu sister busy here, a smiling nurse sister to find, "Reddy, arm acid, two needles for you for a long time to help me?" "Okay, right now, this is to!" Just look at the root of a fine needle into the nurse sister’s arm, and then add the moxa stick heating. "This is called hot moxibustion, through heating can enhance the efficacy……" Diyala side needle, Trump side by side with the people and explain acupuncture therapy.相关的主题文章: