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Legal Daily: buy a mobile phone discouraging employees are not legitimate – View – original title: "buy a mobile phone is not legal staff earnestly hospital life-saving functions is the duty, in accordance with the provisions of the management of employee labor law is the right way, not to advocate thrifty savings to extravagance in moral with the advent of Apple’s frame bundle the new mobile phone Iphone7 and Iphone7plus, a lot of powder are starting a new mobile phone. A hospital in Chongqing District of Fuling city has made clear, prohibit employees to buy Iphone7 and the new apple Iphone7plus mobile phone, and offenders will face punishment "(September 29th" Chongqing times "). Labor law has clear legal provisions for dismissal of employees. If the rules and regulations formulated by the enterprise have harmed the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, they must not be supported by the law. The person in charge of the enterprise of a product by personal likes and dislikes, thrift or to engage in moral grounds to extravagance bundle frame, made within its authority to cancel the so-called Pingxianpingyou qualifications or discouraging States, although there is no malice, but more is with the opportunity to hype the suspect, and can not upgrade the hospital positive image. As employees of consumers, their rights are protected by law and shall not be illegally interfered by their units. As consumers, consumers have the right to choose the right to purchase, not only the right to purchase Iphone7 and Iphone7plus, but also the right to purchase Iphone7 and Iphone7plus, other organizations and individuals, including the employer shall not interfere. Personal consumption behavior of employees can be properly guided, but the lack of legal basis to prohibit the purchase of certain items. Enterprise culture can promote thrift, but to reward and guidance. Enterprises can encourage employees to buy HUAWEI, ZTE and other domestic mobile phones, but can not limit the purchase of Iphone7 and Iphone7plus. As a business operator if there is a similar behavior, has been suspected of unfair competition, the relevant government departments can be punished. Regardless of whether employees more than consumer purchasing power, the enterprise can not directly take discouraging way, because the labor legal relationship between enterprises and employees, the labor law and other laws and regulations are not standardized, enterprise you can quit. The lack of legal basis for the dismissal of the enterprise, will be in violation of the mandatory provisions of the labor law and be punished accordingly. The staff Pingxianpingyou hospital or terminate the labor contract must fulfill labor contracts with the workers directly related to the content, this is the core foundation and management rules of the hospital. The purchase of Iphone7 and Iphone7plus, will cancel the annual Pingxianpingyou qualifications; beyond beyond the provisions of buyers, will be discouraging, because users are considered to be wonderful, mainly because of similar provisions and hospital management, and the apparent lack of direct relevance to fulfill the labor contract. Hospital management system is mainly to improve the quality of medical services. Although some people have put an end to the good intentions of extravagance and waste, but the private purchase of workers相关的主题文章: