Lenovo Yoga Book Evaluation a new idea of combo products ca1806

Lenovo YOGA BOOK evaluation: a new idea of how to deformation of the portable combo products equipped with keyboard has been a headache problem: if the industry is equipped with folding keyboard, it will undoubtedly increase the burden to the body; if equipped with a separate keyboard, you will find that the keyboard is not thrown in the Office is to be thrown in the home, so when when you need a keyboard, it is always away from you. But shortly before the release of the YOGA Lenovo BOOK put forward a new idea of combo notebook keyboard. From the outside, the flip part is only a block of common protective cover. But in fact, this cover is a handwritten keyboard, which supports Wacom handwriting technology, users can use Real Pen stylus on the above writing. Lenovo YOGA BOOK built in a variety of applications to facilitate the use of handwritten notes and notes, and it also supports Photoshop and other image editing software. This innovative design, completely overturned the traditional notebook keyboard, it is called "Emmanuel keyboard" black technology. Open the YOGA BOOK, but the screen automatically lights up, you will only see is two pieces of glass. The screen is bright, Emmanuel keyboard is matte. The principle of Emmanuel keyboard is a large capacitive touch panels using Wacom EMR technology, with the exclusive passive Real Pen can have 2048 levels of pressure sensing, comparable to professional drawing board. And across the side of the paper in the above drawing sketches, use side record of the electronic version, is YOGA BOOK killer. The display panel is also supported by AnyPen technology, support for most of the touch pen as a touch pen. For this design, many people can not determine whether this is a real innovation or a gimmick. What is good or bad, it is still hard to say, but really excellent products stand the test of time, I think we are very like YOGA BOOK such innovative products can be recognized by the vast number of users. Hardware configuration in terms of hardware configuration, Lenovo YOGA BOOK 10.1 inches 1920× 1200 display, equipped with Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor, 4GB memory, 64GB built-in storage space. Support microSD card storage expansion, front 2 million pixel camera, rear camera with a 8 million pixel, and built-in 8500 Ma battery, can achieve a life of 15 hours. In the YOGA BOOK state line version after the release, PChome is also the first time to get a Windows version of the test machine, to test its practical operation, let’s take a look at the YOGA BOOK showed how. · light but not thin and weak, Johnson YOGA BOOK look very eye-catching, it may be the thinnest and lightest in the global computer, unilateral is only 4.相关的主题文章: