Li Hongzhong rectification of outstanding issues and cultural circle and determined to win this toug-restorator

Li Hongzhong: rectification of outstanding issues and cultural circle and determined to win this tough battle – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wei?) party secretary Li Hongzhong stressed yesterday afternoon in the east area of research, fuel, basic necessities of life may seem trivial, but for thousands of households, about people’s livelihood, as long as do solid, do, people will win for us support. To further close ties with the masses of flesh and blood, try their best to do a good job with the feelings of people’s livelihood, and strive to improve the level of community service management, to create a better living environment for the masses. Li Hongzhong first came to the Bank of Bohai building, the business hall and corporate business sector with the Bank of Bohai business services, listen to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, to help small and micro enterprises and future development ideas, affirmed the good performance of development banks made. He hoped that the Bank of Bohai give full play to the professional advantages to strengthen the trend of the economy analysis, provide financial advisory services for the development of Tianjin, a municipal government decision an important think tank". In science and technology development company is located in the Bank of Bohai building, is China energy construction group is a wholly owned subsidiary, for debugging, the corporate headquarters of the central power test and electric power technology services, clean energy development and utilization of business. Li Hongzhong walked into the corporate office and corporate executives in-depth conversation, a detailed understanding of the future development of enterprises planning. He said that Tianjin will provide good services to fully support the development of enterprises. Li Hongzhong fully affirmed the Hedong District actively implement the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is a major national strategy, efforts to increase investment, to attract headquarters, financial and R & D center gathering practices, to accelerate and optimize the industrial structure, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of development, to further enhance the level of development. Feng Qi in East New Street community was built in the last century in 80s, residents were retired Hedong District industrial workers, the elderly, people with low incomes are relatively concentrated. Li Hongzhong into the community, look at the way the community canteen, and the inventory of goods are cordial conversation management personnel. He said that the daily necessaries tea are their needs. You earn hard money, do is to facilitate the masses, to thank you. Li Hongzhong came to the old man who was playing chess. See the city leaders came, the old man stood up. Li Hongzhong smiled and said, "write on the board at the chess to talk", we must obey the rules! Disturb everybody. In a word, everyone laughed. Li Hongzhong asked the old man retired from the factory, and now how to live, the community is satisfied with the environment. The masses of the outside community from time to time there will be garbage phenomenon, in hopes of a pipe. Li Hongzhong replied, you asked for, today the District Secretary, mayor came, must be resolved as soon as possible. He also told the District, street responsible comrades, to find ways to provide better conditions for community residents to carry out sports activities. Li Hongzhong walked into the garden and the rest are old people talk about small household affairs, asked the housing area, winter heating, retirement, etc.. I heard that the city leaders to see you, the residents have come up with a photo camera, we have a word, I have a speech about the community’s gratifying changes. Residents said, thanks to the party’s good policy, the living environment is good, the mood is good, everyone.相关的主题文章: