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Li Xiaopeng resigned due to work of Shanxi governor Li Xiaopeng Lou Yangsheng – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wang Shu) the night of 30 August, official appointments news: Shanxi Province, the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee decided to accept Li Xiaopeng resigned due to work in Shanxi province governor’s request, Lou Yangsheng was appointed Vice governor of Shanxi Province, acting governor of Shanxi province. Currently, the official has not yet notified Li Xiaopeng’s new whereabouts. Daily economic news reporter noted that Li Xiaopeng has been Jin 8 years. In 2008, Li Xiaopeng left the power system for over 26 years, by the general manager of China Huaneng Group was transferred to Shanxi provincial committee. And its main Shanxi has more than 3 years, in December 19, 2012, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the thirty-third meeting of the decision, Li Xiaopeng acting governor of Shanxi province. After the meeting, Li Xiaopeng said in an interview: to learn from the grassroots, to learn from the people, always be a pupil." Security office Shanxi 20 days five bursts of two former Meng Xuenong Li Xiaopeng and Wang Jun in the accident, Shanxi governor when the media has been asked the same question: Jin official harder and harder? Li Xiaopeng took office after the governor of Shanxi also asked the governor of Shanxi, he said eight words at the time, "as if, very careful". The reporter found that Li Xiaopeng took office 20 days after Shanxi governor in Shanxi, a spate of "12? 25" Lvliang mountain tunnel explosion, "12? 31" Changzhi aniline leakage accident and the "1? 7" Yangquan coal gas accident five accident. In January 8, 2013, Li Xiaopeng from Changzhi to deal with the accident scene back in Taiyuan, Shanxi province held a production safety emergency teleconference said: just a few days time, our province has five accident, we further explained the production safety situation is not optimistic. Now we are not starting from scratch, is to start from the negative. Since then, Li Xiaopeng has repeatedly said that the management of production safety ", as if very careful", he told the retired miners for advice, how to do a good job of production safety? Sell the coal pushing the economy into the ranks of coal revolution and production safety compared to the Shanxi economy, Shanxi "coal", is another problem faced by Li Xiaopeng. When he took office to the coal market, coal prices all the way down "," the dominance of coal, "Shanxi’s economy suffered heavy losses. August 2013, many media reports of a message: the end of last century officials to help sell coal scene, and began to perform in Shanxi, this time to join the ranks of coal sales, there is the governor of Shanxi province Li Xiaopeng. He discussed with the five major power groups in Beijing, hope that the power companies continue to support the development of Shanxi, and Shanxi to strengthen cooperation in the field of low calorific value coal power generation, coal and electricity integration, coal-bed methane development. The reporters found that ruled Shanxi since Li Xiaopeng has been committed to the economic structure of Shanxi reversed, has taken a number of measures, including the extension of aluminum coal, coal coking and coal building materials recycling industry chain, vigorously promote the development of integrated coal; coal consumption, coal supply to the revolution, the revolution of coal management revolution. To revitalize the economy of Shanxi, Li Xiaopeng Shu相关的主题文章: