Lianhe Zaobao 911 incident at the time of the 15 anniversary of the vigilance of the world-meyou

Singapore United Morning Post: "911" 15 anniversary of the event time Beijing September new network in the world – in 12, alert yesterday is the 911 New York 15 anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Singapore, "Singapore United Morning Post" 12 editorial said, 15 years, surprising terrible picture is still left deep in the minds of many, this one day of the year, people will once again reflect the origin of the disaster and should be vigilant. This occurred in the United States the most serious terrorist attacks, profound changes of American foreign and security policy, alert the world cannot on terrorism more concessions, must remind the world pull together in times of trouble in the fight against terrorism. Article excerpts are as follows: the morning of September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked two airliners respectively into the world trade center in New York Twin Towers, the two buildings have collapsed in the attack, otherwise a hijacked airliner crashed into the Pentagon The Pentagon incident caused more than 3 thousand deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses. This carefully planned terrorist attacks should be strongly condemned, and its impact on American society and global politics has continued and continues to ferment. Today, terrorism has become a public enemy of all mankind, the use of violence is more intense, and the attack target specific non innocent people, trying to cause fear and create a sensational effect through the bloody violence. The United States President Obama at the memorial speech on the day before the weekly radio and Internet that Americans are not enough to attempt to split the concessions to them, while the Americans respond to undermine American social structure cannot, he urged Americans in the face of terror threat, still can unite. On the eve of 911, the U.S. Department of state intelligence, terrorist organizations are planning to launch attacks in a number of areas. September 11th is the history of the United States one of the darkest days, the day also set off the global war on terror war mantle, terrorist attack has now not only is the pain, but the world’s nightmare, because in the global extremists around, has been around for action, more self sharpening case in many countries and regions, some areas become a hotbed for manufacturing extremists, people are facing with more suspicion and fear of the future. The big lesson brought 911 events, not only to the crisis handling sudden catastrophe, more attention to religious and ethnic differences in cognitive conflict and handling, some European countries due to the large influx of immigrants, leading to social exclusion and increased the loss of emotional empathy, to identify and find the enemy formation in different religions culture and ideology, which increase the difficulty of countries in counter-terrorism work on. The United States House of Representatives on Friday unanimously by the Senate for four months before the approval of "justice against terrorism sponsors act", allowing the families of the victims of the terrorist attack with sufficient evidence, the Saudi government support to prosecute alleged acts of terrorism. Since 19 the 911 terrorist attack in the 15 place, from Saudi Arabia, Saudi American allies over the years constantly warned that the United States once by the bill, it will sell $750 billion in bonds and U.S. assets. Although Mr Obama has said he will veto the bill.相关的主题文章: