Liar posing as a teacher sent a report card parents stolen brush more than 4 thousand cashmere mafia

Crooks posing as the teacher sent a transcript of parents stolen brush more than 4 thousand original title: "teacher" to report parents stolen brush more than 4 thousand "my bank card stolen brush more than 4 thousand has already been returned, thank you very much!" November 20th, Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station returned to the public received a phone call from Ms. Dong, said he had more than 4 thousand yuan in November 9th has been returned to the Bank of the stolen brush card. The cause of the matter, from more than and 10 days ago. Teacher sent a link to the report of 43 year old Ms. Dong living in Yubei to return to a district, the daughter of the age of 18, is reading. Because next year will take part in the college entrance examination, and so on the same as other parents, Ms. Dong more concerned about her daughter’s academic performance. Around 5:30 on November 8th, Ms. Dong suddenly received a text message, the content is Dong XX parents, this is your child since the school’s academic performance notice…… (link), please pay attention to children’s learning, teachers." Ms. Dong did not hesitate to click on the link, but did not open, Ms. Dong will not continue to pay attention to. The second day at 8 in the morning, Ms. Dong’s mobile phone has received two agricultural bank card consumption through Alipay SMS alerts, spending a total of 1000 yuan. Ms. Dong thinking, how can you have what to call the family consumption, also did not verify the consumer records, so he hurried to a nearby agricultural bank. Charles does not know, frighten a check, Ms. Dong found that the agricultural bank card in November 8th 8 points at 6 in the afternoon to the morning of November 9th, in the field has 5 stolen brush pen, through Alipay and caifutong payment totaling 1497.95 yuan. Think there is a bank card, Ms. Dong went to a nearby bank inquiry, found the bank card was fraudulent in the field of 5 pens, but also through Alipay and caifutong payment, a total of 2608 yuan fraudulent. Two card, a total of 4105.95 yuan stolen brush. Under the advice of bank staff, Ms. Dong immediately to the police for help. Timely warning of fraudulent amount is returned back to Xing police station duty police alarm, let Ms. Dong print out bank transaction bill, in accordance with the relevant provisions of acceptance for fraud, immediately work with banks issued notice of filing. Finally, the police cooperative bank and third party trading platform of customer service, and to fulfill the relevant procedures in actively cooperate with Ms. Dong, gradually through Alipay and money paid through the payment of the amount of consumption returned to Ms. dong. November 20, 2016, Ms. Dong bank card stolen brush more than 4 thousand yuan has been returned to its card. Yubei police remind, found in the bank card stolen brush, to immediately to the nearest self-service teller machine or bank, the wrong password 3 times, so that their bank card is locked. Fortunately, Ms. Dong found the bank card stolen brush, immediately the police for help, the loss can be redeemed. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: