Live pornographic video case can not stop the investigation network female anchor

Live pornographic video case can not stop the investigation of the network, female anchor in March this year, a section called "Chengdu 4P" pornographic videos on the Internet fiery spread. The police quickly identified, three after 95 girls and 31 section of pornographic video, not fit to be seen more than 4 fans ""…… In order to make themselves become "red", the name "Sydney gun" network anchorwoman Lin together with others recorded pornographic video to attract popularity, and to profit. Recently, the Mianzhu court made a judgment on the case, Lin has constituted the manufacture, dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, sentenced to 4 years and fined $100 thousand. (the "Chengdu daily" November 25th) what behavior must have a bottom line, must not exceed the bottom line of the law, but the network "female anchor" in order to become the "Red Net" and to profit, even personally involved in the shooting and upload pornographic video, not only caused a serious impact on the poor in the network, but also seriously violate the law. End up with the behavior and the result is chained and thrown into prison, set people thinking. In accordance with the law, through the production and dissemination of pornographic materials, the amount reached 10 thousand yuan above constitutes a crime, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, the amount of up to 5 times less than 25 times, is sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 3 – 10 years. From the legal point of view, making the network dissemination of pornographic materials "female anchor" punishment according to law, be investigated and dealt with according to law and discipline of "female anchor" network dissemination of pornographic material case. But if deep into thought, such results do not seem to completely, more let a person have a lump in the throat to feel. "Female anchor" making the spread of pornographic video has been dealt with discipline according to law, is deserved. But the saying goes, a tango, if the network is "female anchor" involved in the production of pornographic video, if not upload, or upload immediately after deleted relevant authorities and regulatory network platform, have social impact at least not so bad. At the same time, the spread of pornographic video, largely lies in the way and the platform of network communication, such as live space, such as Internet forums, such as search engines and so on, obviously, the case is so bad, the network platform and so on, as ill and expand the role of adverse adverse situation of obscene. If in accordance with the law, this behavior is not suspected of spreading pornographic products and their accomplices, audit checks the negligent of duty is to blame. If in accordance with the principles of the law, these acts clearly constitute a transport obscene crime, but also need to be held accountable according to law. From this point of view, the "female anchor" illegal dissemination of pornographic video case, some of the network platform, forums and other network communication carrier in which act as an inglorious role, but also constitute a violation of the "social security regulations" and "" Internet information services management approach "and other laws and regulations, it should be investigated object. In fact, in the case of illegal dissemination of pornographic video "lead female anchor" and so on to chase drama but not stop there, for as a strict, supervision and dereliction of duty default even suspected of involvement in the transport role bad information network platform, forum are legally accountable, not only for the case 2相关的主题文章: