Lol College League commentary star Li do not forget to pass the original intention of happiness-candle june

LOL University League star Li commentary: do not forget the spread of happiness in mind throughout August, Changsha as LOL commentaries of Zhou Xingli are very busy, all kinds of cup and the race to take advantage of the summer games to tail come in a throng, often late into the night. Live because the face is mostly external appearance pays more attention to a male audience, a free time she began to get busy. At the end of the game, the director will live room picture cut out, the 8 hour that finally ended, Zhou Lai not wait to put on slippers out of the studio to breathe, this life for her has been accustomed to. Entering the gaming circle 170 centimeters tall, slim and sexy Zhou Xingli used to be a Coser, specifically the game heroes union Coser. Because of the love of the game, she was very early in the Coser to participate in some of the official activities of the League of heroes. "Cos had many heroes, such as Ali ah, female wind ah, are some of the more strong woman role, but my heart is a Lolita ah, I usually at home will wear JK ah, (JK refers to the Japanese high school girl uniforms) because I was tall, each time the exhibition into my Lolita is certainly not a hero." Star pretend to do a little aggrieved expression. Participate in the activities of the number of more, she met a lot of like-minded friends, but also these friends, playing LOL black is always "abandoned" her. "Because I too pit, also playing some Carry heroes, such as Carrie o, the fox, slowly friends do not love me." May be the reason for an explanation, Li Star Express enthusiasm is very high, when it comes to just play LOL at the time, she felt very funny: "but I still have self-knowledge to start playing auxiliary hero, slowly I began to love this kind of help others to achieve the feeling of victory, but I was still the enemy is not necessarily." Of course, the star is not satisfied with only when a game Coser, she began to understand the gaming industry. A chance, Li joined the star is located in the Changsha EP eSports club "was in the ranks in logistics. The real contact with the professional team will feel that they are really different from those Internet cafes, they will be very polite, very quality, is a real sense of a professional team." In EP’s work experience to star has a lot of inspiration, she began to re-examine their own industry. "Meet a lot of people admire, for example in youth work in Hongkong before the EP coach, they love the gaming industry, always stick to their dreams, I admire." Later, the EP club LOL division moved to Shanghai, star Li also because of many reasons to leave the club, she said, because the job she learned a lot of things, but at the same time, she also began to clear their pursuit of things. "The original intention is very simple, just like the game, he brought me too much happiness, and then I would like to share my happiness to everyone." How to share it? In the lost time, the opportunity to find her again. The girl was a struggle for the eSports than.相关的主题文章: