Lol national service qualifying Vincent murder 20 minutes to take the money to kill 90 minutes (vide-cancam

LOL in China ranked Vincent the terror of killing 20 minutes to take 90 kill [Abstract] Delevan? Vincent? Who is who has been silly? Speaking of Delevan, who does not know Vincent? 20 minutes 90, Delevan the pinnacle of life, and a miracle of Vincent. How to play, report? Vincent Delevin vsVN 90 kills Delevin’s terror killing and there is no lack of a regiment in the absence of the Vincent of the state of. At the beginning of the first man’s head, the killing machine began to run! You can see that this time the other side of the road completely collapse. Rolling technology, VN and Japanese women’s combination of the road is simply powerless to resist. The other dozen wild arrived late, take silk blood Delevin. 4 minutes, the head of the 4, came home to storm the sword, declaring death! Vincent’s routine, do not need treatment, Flash + transmission, dead back to just walk, so. After the first resurrection TP loop, anger with triple, Delevan officially took off, the situation has been out of control. The opposite VN also played 666 to admire. The road down a tower after the road to kill, steady development of fire explosion damage Delevan man is unable to resist sustain the blows. 9 minutes and 14 heads. No blue Delevan finally chose to return to the city, note: 4907 of the money. How many soldiers need to develop in order to have such an economy? 15 minutes after just 5 minutes, the wave heights Delevan after the death of 8348 of the gold body! Oh, my God! To punish him! Kill! This game can’t play! The old rules, the resurrection of the TP line, 15 minutes 6 Delevan God installed, this time just across a molding piece. Look at the damage, electric knife plus endless crit, one to a full blood VN, a knife a head. At this point in the heart of VN, must be ten thousand * * ma in the Pentium, perhaps thinking about life. Daily abuse springs, numerous double, triple play, four killed, and finally in 19 minutes to win the first five killed. The other is the first fire male anger spray "Dailian dog", "to report generation", asked "how much money actually changed behind a leveling". I would like to ask, after 20 minutes, the opposite did not surrender, the first big why are opposite five fanatics? 31 minutes, finally, the soldier crazy line (because the other five have no way out, the end of the game heights). Please note that there are 16661 gold coins! If the League out of 10 equipment lattice, can be full! The 90 head, thank you for bringing us to kill the show, Vincent also praised the excellent athletic spirit of the opposite: "the world is not dead, not to surrender," without you there is no Vincent’s personal show!相关的主题文章: