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"Long live" Mrs. Huaping cross when the assistant family business are both Sohu entertainment Huaping guest star assistant small "Xiao Yun" Sohu entertainment news days before TV drama "long live the wife" is hit, as "long live the wife" total publisher, Beijing Huaqi company CEO Huaping also in the play a guest role of Yan Ni leaving the fuse "Liaoyuan". Talk with Yan Ni together when Huaping described as a tacit understanding, and that Yan Ni is a kind of straightforward big sister. Talk to a corner in the guest star Xiang Xiaoyun, Huaping bluntly still very love acting, also hope to the future from time to time over the drama addiction. Many hot topic Huaping describes the TV industry trend nowadays TV market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in recent years, Xian Xia fantasy costume drama trend red, the face of family ethical play such will also usher in the spring. For this problem, Huaping frankly said he was very optimistic about the topic of drama, the market now has more than two, the high cost of the series, only for TV; low cost, do content for the script, the actors in the choice is generally not a big star, also at two or three TV lines. These years of work experience to make her look at the market thoroughly, the release of the target is very clear. She told us that: now the TV drama although Fantasy Costume Xian Xia theme drama a lot, but the drama is still the mainstream. According to the data show that from 2016 to July was by far the most popular TV series, there are nine urban emotional drama before the ten ". As many comments said, compared to other types of urban emotional drama is more close to life, close to or will experience things its own experience, but also more topics, "Mrs." is also a city long live broadcast emotional drama, has provoked a lot of discussion topics, such as sexual harassment in the workplace; marriage and career. The topic is outside the seven year itch; repertoire extension, the audience is also a way of expressing sympathy for the repertoire, but also shows the "long live the wife" is a "down to earth" plays. "Mrs." Huaping too long live drama addiction Biao tears tangled facile graduated from Beijing Film Academy, China Ping An, beautiful appearance, line skills, but because of not meeting the right opportunity, Hua Ping from actor turned into the publishing industry, but also occasionally thought of game addiction, in "do not want to marry", "waves" other TV dramas can find Huaping figure. Whether single woman Jia Ping or pear performers Wang Zhaojun, have left a deep impression on the audience. The "long live" the Ping guest Mrs. Xiang Xiaoyun is one of the newcomers entering the workplace, due to leakage of bootleg company confidential company sacked, after the boss did not open fire and the choice for automatic turnover, Huaping wonderful performance in the play is secretly praise, take a new job in doing something wrong after the panic sorry, guilty, ashamed behaved most incisive, and the face of Yan Ni as Ye Shuxin mistakenly thought she was working for harassment, tears are suffering cannot be explained by people of the endless tangle, entering the workplace of Xiang Xiaoyun is a pity, but it is an important guest, triggered by a figure, with a solid acting Hua Ping, exquisite performance, showing the movie identity, as a play.相关的主题文章: