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Real-Estate Once an aging industrial city, Pittsburgh has undergone a dramatic renaissance in recent years. Nowadays, Pittsburgh boasts a vibrant, diversified economy as well as great schools, low crime and a wealth of attractions and activities for residents. Many realtors in Pittsburgh offer great deals on homes in some of the citys most historic neighborhoods. Real estate in Squirrel Hill and other great neighborhoods goes for a premium these days. Those looking to move to Pittsburgh will find a wide array of charming, historic neighborhoods to choose from. A look at Pittsburghs best neighborhoods. Pittsburgh plays host to many neighborhoods known for their historic charm as well as their modern amenities. Whether youre a young professional, middle-class family, retiree or anything in between, youre sure to find a historic neighborhood to fall in love with. Squirrel Hill is one of Pittsburghs most popular neighborhoods. Located in the citys East End area, Squirrel Hill is filled with historic houses, charming cafes and a fantastic culinary scene. Traditionally a Jewish enclave, Squirrel Hill now holds an increasingly diverse and affluent population. The neighborhood is packed with a bevy of great restaurants, including Kosher, Asian and Italian ones. It is also known for its quiet, tree-lined streets, very low crime and high livability. Some parts of the neighborhood even offer spectacular views of the Monongahela River and surrounding hills of Pittsburgh. For those looking for suburban safety and .fort with bid city amenities, Squirrel Hill is the place to be. Bloomfield is another historic yet hip neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Known as the citys Little Italy, it is home to a plethora of authentic Italian restaurants, cafes and eateries. Its quaint row houses and strong sense of .munity only add to its charm. Bloomfield also sports excellent schools, a clean environment and low crime rates. Lawrenceville is known for its trendy shops and cafes as well as its historic housing stock. One of the largest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, its streets play host to a wide variety of cafes, boutiques, trendy shops, restaurants, galleries and beautiful row houses and homes. It is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and excellent dining scene. Find a realtor in Pittsburgh today There are many realtors in Pittsburgh to choose from. Real estate in Squirrel Hill and other historic neighborhoods goes fast these days, so dont wait. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: