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Lou Jiwei stepped down as Minister of finance Xiao Jie taking over tax reform – Sohu news daily economic news reporter Hu Jian in November 7th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress voted Lou Jiwei was relieved of the post as finance minister, Xiao Jie was appointed as the new minister of finance. As China’s financial housekeeper, the replacement of the helm of the Ministry of finance, quickly occupied the significant position of major news sites. However, the industry’s successor to Xiao Jie, Lou Jiwei is no stranger, who have their own tax veterans label. Data show that the 59 year old Xiao Jie in September 1982 to the Ministry of Finance after graduation, Secretary of the Treasury Secretary, served as the comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Finance in September 2001, became the youngest vice minister. In July 2005 went to the local office for two years, August 2007 once again return to the familiar tax department, director of the State Administration of Taxation, until March 2013, was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the State Council (ministerial level), responsible for managing the work of the general office of the state council. For the replacement of the Minister of finance, the outside world is undoubtedly the most concerned about the future of fiscal reform will be how to promote. The "daily economic news" reporter found that many people close to the Ministry of finance to give an evaluation of Lou Jiwei lies in its very high, as finance minister, a number of reasons to promote the reform of the taxation system, including the reform of the budget management system, and comprehensively promote replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) and the establishment of the government debt management system etc.. The current tax reform is in the tackle tough period, the local tax system has not yet truly established, the central fiscal reconstruction also has just started…… The face has to set the reform game, the new finance minister Xiao Jie is looking forward to the industry to move. Outgoing: Frank Lou Jiwei Lou Jiwei took office in March 2013, the Minister of finance, in the "China Development Forum 2013 annual meeting" for "inclusive growth in fiscal reform" speech. He gave himself a comment, "I speak more directly". This statement is true, Lou Jiwei more than three years if there are a few times and received wide attention because Frank speech. For example, he worked on more than one occasion of the labor contract law in China reduces the flexibility of the labor market, is not conducive to the improvement of total factor productivity, resulting in low labor productivity, and suggestions to guarantee the flexibility of the labor market. Although this is not directly related to the field of Lou Jiwei, but because of the bold and innovative ideas, attracted a lot of discussion. In the tax, the Lou Jiwei Frank reflected more fully, do things in. For example, known as the economic constitution, said the budget law, after four deliberation in its tenure, and finally completed the first overhaul in 20 years. In the fiscal and taxation system reform, the role of the budget is essential. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economics President Gao Peiyong told the daily economic news reporter, fiscal revenue and expenditure is the government, income is a basic element, and expenditure is the second basic elements. Income and expenditure should be incorporated into a system of management, then the budget, the budget is the third elements of the financial system. With the budget law reform.相关的主题文章: