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"-" love child heart ended Victoria Song Medina leibie line _38 > > > city;; click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" is every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV broadcast. This week, "-" in the same week in line two NvZhu pear falls (Victoria Song ornaments) and Sang Lan (Medina ornaments), keep the messenger has yet to taste and happiness together castle to save others by accidental injury death, the mermaid princess never got his love for people who love to bear pain and remorse flew to the sea, miserable fate let the audience sigh. In the novel "-", and the pear falls Sang Lan soon a appearance was frozen sea, a humiliated himself. The TV series for the two bit sentimental character interpretation, two of the more shocking death of a beauty. From the text of the imagination to the reality of reduction, and the pear falls Sang Lan of these two love without regret a lifetime woman image from the book to gradually full screen. The pear falls and Sang Lan is two completely different woman, also represents the two completely different views on love. Victoria Song played by messenger is an orphan who grew up in the camp grew up, also to develop her firm determination of the character, in the face of Picasso feelings, she is euphemistic. While Medina played the mist clothes as the most beautiful realms of the princess, grew up surrounded by love in a simple environment, although some capricious but simple, with their love of people will naturally forward bold pursuit. But they are willing to pay in order to love everything and even his own life, someone in a "-" the official micro-blog the following message: whether it is a pear drop command and dare to defy the old king’s Castle ice tightly in hand, or cut the mist clothes and fearless on the scales are mortal, love can let a person become more brave portrayal ah". With the pear falls and Sang Lan child heart farewell, Picasso (William Feng ornaments) and became "the Regal isolationist". "I never wanted to be king" behind it is not love love, love can not love lonely. The end of the line "-" love will go into a new story, that the hidden lotus has resurrected life CaSO’s secret is determined to enter the imaginary snow mountain adventure, win glory in battle of life and death will be broadcast on every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: