Luzhou novice on the high-speed car accident killed about 200000 insurance should not lose nibbuns

Luzhou alone on the high-speed car accident killed about 200000 novice insurance should not lose tragic accident Wang driving on the highway and road infrastructure collision, turn into the road protection trench, died on the spot, serious damage to vehicles special driver Wang to apply for a driver’s license is not a full year practice during the high-speed line. The focus side in accordance with the provisions of the "old driver" by Wang violation of regulations on the use of a driver’s license, the insurance company to avoid liability on the grounds of refusal; Wang family lawyers believe that the exemption clause should be free to remind the driver’s license claims during the internship alone can drive high speed, the need for "old driver" accompanied to high speed. Luzhou Wang was driving alone in the internship period on high speed, the final total vehicle, also died on the spot. Later in the insurance claims, the insurance company Wang during the internship on high-speed accident and exclusions, Wang family to court. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that after the trial, Jiangyang District of Luzhou city court believes that the insurance company is not on the insurance contract refused to pay for exemption from the obligation, therefore does not produce the effect, the insurance company paid the judgment of Wang family 245614 yuan. Recommended reading: the first small holiday Tiancheng since Lu speed more than 30 drivers were captured 15 new UAV Yibin speed high-speed driving of the driver accidentally caught   Guang’an female driver to get a driver’s license within two months of racing deaths caused by the women’s bank deposit insurance cheated refund found in the contract for a period of 104 years of Chengdu man driving successively hit the same person insurance compensation for accident driving during the internship on the high-speed car crash Wang Town, Hejiang County of Luzhou City, March 25, 2014 afternoon, Wang drove along the green (Island) new (River) highway traveling from north to south in the process of road infrastructure and road on the west side of the door into the rear collision trench Wang died on the spot. In January 9, 2014 before the accident, Wang to own this car "Na Zhijie" mini bus, in the Peoples Insurance Company of China Luzhou branch insurance compulsory insurance, vehicle damage insurance and vehicle liability insurance, the insurance period from January 13, 2014 0 to January 12, 2015 when only 24. Later, after the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the Qing Ping highway brigade identified, Wang bear the full responsibility of the event of the. The Wang family in Luzhou commissioned a second-hand car appraisal company for the identification of the vehicle, the vehicle driving Wang assessment of the price is 188900 yuan, the accident caused by the vehicle damage is very serious, it is of no use value and economic value, suggested scrapping. After investigation also found that Wang for the first time in September 3, 2013 to apply for a motor vehicle driver’s license, the Department of high speed during the internship. At the same time, Wang did not hold the incident when the corresponding or higher quasi driving type driver’s license for more than 3 years accompanied by drivers. The dispute in violation of regulations on the use of driving license for the insurance company exclusions Wang total insured vehicle damage insurance, vehicle liability insurance (driver) etc.相关的主题文章: