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Unhappy man put his girlfriend broke up shot indecent video blackmail caught the original title: dissatisfaction with his girlfriend broke up the man took indecent video extortion was arrested in Guangzhou on 1 November, (Guo Tan Hu) because of dissatisfaction with his girlfriend broke up, the man with two candid sex video as bait, forced his girlfriend to come up with ten thousand yuan as the emotion loss compensation. Recently, the suspected criminal suspects were wanted by blackmail and impose exactions on Guangzhou railway police arrested in Zhongshan North Railway Station. Canton police 1 informed that in June this year, the 37 year old Guizhou man Lee in Zhongshan city to work in a fellow party, after a friend introduced fellow Ryu, after the end of the party, two people to leave contact information, so after a friend’s match, two people through personal connections and met several times, quickly established a relationship between male and female friends and cohabitation. With two people gradually, Liu slowly found Lee enough heart on their own, usually slightly unsatisfactory to his boss around rude speech, two people, often for some trivial quarrel or even life begins, Ryu and Lee feelings slowly cracks, after the passion to return to rational, Liu began to consider this feeling decide on what path to follow. After careful consideration, in September of this year, Liu finally decided to break up. In the wake of the breakup requirements, Lee to retain the most beautiful moment, on the grounds that the hope that two people together to break up after the national day. Liu Mounian in the old copy, agreed to Lee’s suggestion, decided to smooth through the rest of the more than and 10 day. However, this time with more than and 10 days in the two years, Lee was carrying his girlfriend, who recorded two people sex video, Liu found that after the two sides once again fierce quarrel, Liu asked Lee to delete the video on the spot, although Lee did, but he deleted the video after the video restoration and preservation, which foreshadowed the next Lee farce. October 4th, Liu decided to break up with Lee after the national day, and then return home to visit relatives. Because the night before the sky, without affecting the rest, Liu will own a bank card to Lee, asking for help to buy their tickets in advance. Subsequently, Lee took Liu bank card out. Until 15 o’clock the same day, Liu received a text message notice and found that the bank card was Lee took away the RMB $7100, Liu immediately contact Lee but can not contact. At 21 PM, Liu’s colleagues call said that Lee will be her two people’s sex video sent to his mobile phone, and threatened if Liu can break up, you must pay 10 thousand yuan in damages, if not to pay, the sex video send two people to Liu’s family and the circle of friends. After receiving the news, Liu whole people are ignorant, eventually, Liu family and colleagues advice to the local police station of Zhongshan city. Police in mastering a lot of facts and evidence, decided to arrest of Lee suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on the implementation of online. Lee learned that Liu after the alarm, decide to sneak back home in Guizhou to escape the wind to escape the police wanted, so buy the Zhongshan north to Guangzhou south of the intercity EMU, the morning of October 26th, Lee in the waiting room is Canton police arrested, after examination, Lee for his 8相关的主题文章: