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The more than and 50 year old man was misdiagnosed in wheelchair 43 years heavy walk: don’t hate the new network in September Beijing hospital in 26, according to the "Central News Agency reported on 25, southeastern Portugal a man in a wheelchair because the hospital mistakenly, 43 years later, I met at the correct diagnosis, so he began to learn to walk again at the age of more than and 50. Reported that Porigo (Rufino Borrego) at the age of 13 in Lisbon after the hospital diagnosed with incurable muscular dystrophy. He was then a wheelchair for 40 years. Until 2010, neuroscientists showed that Boruige actually suffering from muscle weakness is another disease, myasthenia gravis. It is reported that the rare disease Boruige patients taking asthma medications can make new treatment, in 1 years after diagnosis, the first time in his life can often go to walk to a nearby cafe. Coffee shop owner Merao (Manuel Melao) said: "we think this is a miracle." Porigo, aged 61, has been able to lead a normal life, only need to implement the 2 physical therapy for 1 years. He said there was no hatred for the misdiagnosed hospital, and the hospital knew nothing about his condition in 1960s. He said: "I just want to live well."相关的主题文章: