Many fine arts in the 140 anniversary of the birth of Chen Banding Art Exhibition for the first time adobe gamma

Many products on display for the first time in the 140 anniversary of the birth of Chen Banding art exhibition in Beijing, Beijing in November 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) before and after birth, and Mr. Qi Baishi said is relatively lonely, this is the old man Chen Banding. "There are really fun — to commemorate the 140 anniversary of the birth of Chen Banding Art Exhibition" in the 11 day debut China Museum, featured artist on behalf of flowers, birds, figures, landscapes, such as calligraphy and seal cutting art of multi. Mr. Chen Banding is Zhejiang Shanyin (Jin Shaoxing), he studied painting and calligraphy, to make a living in Shanghai early and worship Wu Changshuo as a teacher, thanks to Ren Hua, during a number of "Shanghai" masters, the solid foundation of traditional painting. In 1906, Chen Banding was invited to Beijing Jincheng, he will not only "Shanghai" art spread to Beijing painting, in the wide division Expo, the art source traced back to the home of the Ming and Qing Dynasties to study ancient posture established personal artistic style, become the "Beijing school", is one of the representatives of the painting to beijing. After the liberation, Chen Banding put all their energy into the new China literary career development, all enjoy the prestige in Beijing and national painting. In order to fully reflect the various categories of Mr. Chen Banding in different periods, the creative achievements, this exhibition has received great support from the Imperial Palace Museum, Beijing art gallery, National Museum, China Rongzhai, Chen Banding Memorial Hall and other units, many works were first exhibited at the Museum of the Imperial Palace, especially Chen Banding borrow 18 pieces of fine art is never open the exhibition. The first part of the exhibition "the old world and D is the Chen Banding art exhibition presents a macro, comprehensive art at the beginning of five, Chen Banding taught himself to the end of 60s, as the essence of art art for decades," "huge paintings All flowers bloom together. China, demonstrating as mid twentieth Century Beijing painting leader ambition and spirit. The second part "to the spirit" is divided into two chapters: "flower: flowers and spirit" and "feathers: uncommon method", featured in Chen Banding’s artistic achievements, with flowers. The third part is the body of water lake "encompasses" landscape: Heshan pen bottom "," character: on the show, "Chen Banding art world more ancient means of artistic creation. Chen Banding is the "ancient" master, he in the landscape and the creation of Characters Research of ancient method, works convey China traditional painting spirit character. The fourth part of "a make realistic" into "Calligraphy: half Nonghan Ding", "seal: India does not make people" two part, showing Chen Banding in addition to painting, made in calligraphy and seal cutting achievements. The fifth part "Qingfenggaojie is well-known for Chen Banding art chronology. When the exhibition was held, Chen Banding relatives donated a batch of works of art to the state, which was permanently collected by the China Art Museum of china. Chinese art museum curator Wu Weishan said that these works after all the hardships, through years of baptism to be preserved, now to Tibet national art hall, reflects the relative support for the national art collection career and dedication, but also half life in old Ding adhere to promote China Art Development)相关的主题文章: